Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Montrose Search and Rescue – What’s It Like To Get Lost and Rescued?
In a sharp contrast from our last traumatic and tragic story, here’s a story of a much less dramatic rescue that took place in the summer of 1990. Dan and Jane Rollins relayed the tale of Dan’s rescue by the MSAR after a […]


Water Conservation
On Friday, April 7 Gov. Jerry Brown officially declared that our historic drought was over thanks to the immense amount of rainfall we received this winter. With our snowpack reservoir reaching 178% and the City of Los Angeles reaching 141% of historical averages as of this month.
While these numbers bode well for the water […]


More Taxes and More Lawbreakers
[Robin Goldsworthy’s] editorial, “Cheering our Supervisor” (CV Weekly, April 13), says it all. Though it was not the first time in my life, it was one of the rare occasions in my life when I agree and applaud any editorial fully. Of course you have given enough reasons to contemplate the […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Montrose Search and Rescue – Kid’s Hike to Mt. Lukens Turns Deadly, Part 2
Last week I recounted how in 1972 a group of five neighborhood kids, ranging from 15-year-old Barbara to 11-year-old Timmy, took a day hike to Mt. Lukens to visit the snow that had just fallen. They got too cold, started down the […]


210 Updates, Prom Plus Info and More
Our shared condition – the saga of the pavement rehabilitation project for the I-210 – continues to keep our community busy and alert. Please continue to drive safely. As Caltrans advises, “Motorists should anticipate delays, plan ahead and use alternate routes. Construction signs and changeable message signs will be […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Montrose Search and Rescue – Kid’s Hike to Mt. Lukens Turns Deadly, Part 1
On a warm and clear winter morning, Dec. 30, 1971, the neighborhood kids from the 3200 block of Henrietta Avenue decided to hike to Mt. Lukens to visit the freshly fallen snow. They had all done the hike many times before, being […]


Crescenta Valley Community Association shared updates on several developments in land use issues during the March 23 meeting. The interim ordinance to regulate Accessory Dwelling Units has been extended through the rest of the year to give Glendale City Council time to draft and adopt a permanent ordinance. We can expect a bit more density […]


Not Everything ‘Good’ in Old Days
First, I appreciate very much the work [CV Weekly] does on the subject of hate crimes in our community. We know it didn’t started after the November election, but since then it has became “legitimized” by top officials in our federal government and fringe groups who are coming out as […]

Letters to the Editor

Stands by Her Comments – With Correction
I stand corrected – the Republicans only hold majorities in both chambers of the U.S. Congress, not filibuster- or veto-proof ones, as pointed out in last week’s letter from Robert Perry (“Counters Claim,” March 16).
Mr. Trump’s 2016 Electoral College margin ranked 46th out of 58 past Presidential elections, which […]

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