Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

The Verdugo/San Rafael Fires of 1964 – Part 1
The fires that swept the Verdugo Mountains and San Rafael Hills in March 1964 were some of the worst in our history. The two separate fires were high-wind fires, blown forward at lightning speed, unstoppable as they raged. The fires moved so fast that the fire department […]

News From ThE CVTC » Harry Leon

Stay Cool This July
July has re-acquainted us with the extreme temperatures of our area that we were spared from in June. As Supervisor Kathryn Barger implored our community, we have to “beat the heat” as temperatures soared across LA County: “To keep yourself cool, visit one of our cooling centers at local libraries and community […]


There is a Choice
It befuddles me how South Pasadena citizens were able to stop the 710 Freeway from going through their community. They claim historical exemption, which is unfounded. Many communities in Los Angeles County claimed historical sites when the freeways were constructed. The 710 completion through South Pasadena was part of the freeway master […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Our Local Bats
This is the time of year that it’s easy to spot bats flying in the evening sky. After the sun goes down, but before it’s full dark, fast black blurs can be made out against the sky, darting quickly this way and that as they grab flying insects in mid-air. They are social, […]


Not Enthralled with ‘Progress’
As the residents of La Crescenta and surrounding areas try to conserve or precious water, the construction of gigantic multi-unit apartments/condos continues.
It seems futile for the longtime residents to conserve when we look around and see development of these monstrosities going up everywhere. These are 30-50 unit buildings housing two to five […]

News From The Neighborhood » Susan BOLAN

It Ain’t Over ’Til …
Did you think the SR 710 North tunnel project was dead? Think again. Beginning as early as the 1940s, the dispute over the proposed extension of the 710 freeway is one of the longest running transportation battles ever. And it’s not over yet. The decision by the Metro board in May […]

News From Washington » Adam SCHIFF

The True Opportunity of Space Exploration
When the Opportunity rover first landed on Mars in 2004 it was slated for a 90-day exploration mission to examine whether the surface rocks and soil held clues to the past presence of water and the building blocks of life. And while we hoped that the rover would outlast its […]


Legislation is All Wet
So Laura Friedman got her wish. These bills look like they got rammed through with little or no input from the electorate. What will not get done in order to use no more than 55 gallons per day [of water]? Fifty-five gallons a day is one thing when you go to work […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

The Weird and Twisted History of Tujunga’s Cemetery
Since 1922 Sunland-Tujunga has had its own little community cemetery tucked back in the hills of the San Gabriels. It had a beautiful beginning and its present state is one of respect, care and a community spirit. But the middle years, between 1958 and 1997, have a history […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

JPL Commuter Van Goes Off the Crest
Many people take commuter vans to ease their commute. The vans are often driven by the employees themselves, sometimes on a rotating basis. On a cold morning in December 2004, 10 employees of JPL boarded their white commuter van in Lancaster for the long ride to JPL in La […]

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