NEWS FROM Washington » Adam Schiff

A High Stakes Gamble by the President on North Korea
It may have left the front pages for the moment, but the most consequential event of President Trump’s term of office could come within the next few months: a meeting between Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to discuss the denuclearization of North Korea.
The dramatic […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

The ’34 Flood – An 11-year-old Girl Saves Her Family
The recent rain should remind us that, just like Montecito, death and destruction visited our valley, but that was back in 1934. Many stories came out of that disaster. In honor of Women’s History Month, let’s look back at one the most amazing stories to come […]

NEWS FROM Sacramento » Laura Friedman

Addressing Our Rising Crime
When polled, there is one single issue that the public, across demographic, economic and geographic lines, consistently ranks as its top concern – and that is public safety. For this reason, community safety is a top priority for me as an elected official.
When it comes to crime, traffic and matters that affect […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Progress In Our Valley – 1925
Again, turning the pages of old newspapers, we find an article in July 1925, extoling the up-and-coming features of La Cañada, Flintridge, La Crescenta and Tujunga. (In parentheses, I’m noting what those features are today.)
La Cañada. Things were happening on the eastern borders of La Cañada. Devil’s Gate Dam was […]


Cheers for CVWD
I would like to commend the CVWD for its recent letter (Letters to the Editor, March 8) to our elected officials in Sacramento opposing the proposed funding for the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund SB 623.
The majority of funding for this bill will be generated from a permanent assessment on the urban […]


Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Act – Oppose
Dear Assemblymember Ting and Senator Mitchell,
The Foothill Family of Water Agencies submits this letter to convey our opposition to the Brown Administration’s budget trailer bill to implement the Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Act. The Foothill Family of Water Agencies includes Foothill Municipal Water District, a wholesale provider […]


A Busy February Gives Way to March
It has been a very busy February by way of events and I am glad to be entering March (Madness). Here’s what the Crescenta Valley Town Council is up to in terms of service to the Crescenta Valley:
Both Corresponding Secretary Sophal Ear and I were honored in February with […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Chicken City – La Crescenta in the 1920s
Los Angeles, and its suburb of La Crescenta, was booming in the 1920s. The population was doubling and tripling, and the orchards and ranches in all the suburbs were being divided up into city lots. La Crescenta was no exception, but chicken ranching locally was holding fast as […]

NEWS FROM THE CVCA » Sharon Weisman

The February meeting of the Crescenta Valley Community Association on Thursday opened with a discussion of the mixed-use condo/commercial project at 3037-3045 Foothill Blvd. in the unincorporated portion of La Crescenta. Sharon Raghavachary has reviewed the revised plans submitted by the developer to LA County Planning and determined the project is still not in compliance […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

The Rattlesnake Murders
For those of you who have read “Murder and Mayhem in the Crescenta Valley,” this story will be familiar as it was written up by Gary Keyes for that book. But this murder was so bizarre, so twisted, that I just had to cover it again.
In 1935, Robert James and his new wife […]

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