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1924 Was a Great Year for the Crescenta Valley
Local historians have an amusing saying about dating structures in CV: “If you don’t know the real date of when something was built, just say it was built in the early ’20s. Chances are, you’ll be right.” For it’s true – the early ’20s were boom years […]


Let’s Talk Pot
Last November, California voters passed Proposition 64 (Marijuana Legalization) and, in the months that followed, counties and municipalities have been scrambling to decide how to best implement the new law into their communities. As with many of our laws, the concerns and perspectives on legalization of recreational marijuana vary greatly from community to […]


Appreciates the Digitizing Project
The Historical Society of the Crescenta Valley wishes to thank both the Los Angeles County Library and the Friends of the La Crescenta Library for doing the heavy lifting on digitizing the old Crescenta Valley Ledger newspaper. In particular, we want to thank our branch librarian Marta Wiggins, Friends President Elaine Sylvestro, […]


Glendale College, Lighting Survey Results Among Topics at Next CVTC Meeting
I hope that everyone so far has had a wonderful and pleasant summer. The start of a new year in our La Crescenta schools is around the corner. Thanks to parents’ efforts to save summer, the school year is starting later this year than in […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Montrose Search and Rescue – Injured Man Found Via Cellphone App and Facebook
Continuing with the “cellphone rescues” theme I’ve been writing about lately, we get another good story from the Montrose Search and Rescue’s technical expert Steve Goldsworthy. Steve in my last column related that today, Montrose Search and Rescue uses every available technology to […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Montrose Search and Rescue – Modern Cellphone Rescues
Last week I told the story of one of the first cellphone calls for help by a lost hiker – circa 1991. I checked in with current MSAR member Steve Goldsworthy to find out the state of rescue technology in the field of cellphones. Steve is the rescue […]


Glendale City Councilmember Paula Devine and her husband Art joined us for the Crescenta Valley Community Association meeting on Thursday. We are very pleased that they took the time to learn more about the issues important to the residents of the Crescenta Valley.
We discussed California Senate Bill 649, currently being considered in Sacramento, which would […]

Treasures of the Valley » Mike Lawler

Montrose Search and Rescue – Lost Hiker Calls For Help On His Cellphone – in 1991!
It’s a common scenario: A hiker gets lost so he whips out his cellphone, looks for a signal, and calls for help. But when this lost hiker used his cellphone in 1991, he was apparently one of the first to […]


Love It … or Settle Elsewhere
I want to comment on the article in the July 20 issue “Survey Asks: Does Community Want to See the Light?”
I feel if people want more or different lighting and a more urban feel as opposed to the rural atmosphere, which is rare and which we are privileged to enjoy, […]


The Importance of Net Neutrality
Over the past 20 years, the internet has become a central part of our lives, changing our world in ways that we never could have predicted. The power of the internet stems from its uniquely open and free character, which levels the playing field so that a person with something new […]

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