Spiritually Speaking

QUESTION: What’s to be done with a family member who has a dependency problem? I have an older sister, age 63, who has always lived with our parents. In addition to a job she is now retired from, she has helped them with housework, caregiving when they were ill, and provided transportation for shopping and […]

Faith Leaders Meet at Valley UN Friendship Day

At a time when hate crimes against minority faiths in the United States are surging and religion and politics are divisive topics on the nation’s tongue, six faith leaders came together on Thursday, Aug. 3 in honor of United Nations Friendship Day. They shared their deeply held beliefs, expressed respect for their fellows and highlighted […]


Book Launch for Local Author
“Expect the Miraculous: A True Life Story of the Extraordinary Power of God” is an inspirational book which highlights author Carol Romeo’s true life experiences with the supernatural power of God. The strength of the book is the author’s ability to describe what is often indescribable – the miraculous interventions of […]

Workshop to Help Self Healing

The ancient Chinese practice of qigong, a system of well-being and self healing, is over 3,000 years old. By drawing positive energy in and expelling negative energy, it is believed by some that a person can heal the body, elevate the mind and deepen the spirit. But it does take work, and someone […]

Spiritually Speaking

QUESTION: My husband (I’ll call him John) is very depressed after losing a job that he had for 30 years. The company filed for bankruptcy and totally closed down. John worked his way up from delivery boy to management and has incredible management skills, so I think he would have no problem finding another management […]

Deputies Get ‘Spiritual Back-up’

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. responds to many different kinds of calls, and almost all of them are high-tension events. Rare is the case when everything is going well and all parties are calm when the LASD is called to respond. And while deputies are trained in crisis management, counseling and mediation, there […]


This Week at LCIF
Everyone is invited to join Lutheran Church in the Foothills at its 10 a.m. worship service on Sunday, July 30. Pastor Scott Peterson will preach a sermon titled “Where in the World am I?” from his summer sermon series called “Growing Up, Waking Up, Cleaning Up.”
Coffee and donuts will be in the […]

Spiritually Speaking

Question: My son married a girl who he has known since childhood. We lived in the same neighborhood. Our challenge now is they argue frequently and each has threatened divorce. What we don’t understand is, when they were younger before they married, they got along great and they spent a lot of time together.
Our […]

Cowboy Church Comes to Center for Spiritual Living

“…All things change but truth, and that truth alone lives on forever … In my creator, my country and my fellow man.”
~ The Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore)
It was this view of the “Old West” when cowboys represented all that was good about the United States – hard work, honorable code, love of God […]

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