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Change in the New Year!

There’s something about an approaching new year that makes us reflect, plan and pursue change. A new beginning, so to speak, a time to do things differently. For me personally, after much prayer I have decided to take a break from writing this column. Back in 2009 I was serving as vice president of the Montrose Shopping Park board and saw an opportunity to paint a picture of Montrose so those around the world could see the charm of our Mayberry in Glendale. A picture is worth a thousand words and those who know me know I love to take pictures. What a joy it has been to bring our story to life here and in social media. To take time to get to know our merchants and let you know them, too, to dine in our many restaurants and write about the food, recipes, presentation and ambiance. One of my favorite things to do on this planet! To cover our many family events, board meetings and partnership with the City of Glendale. To find the products and services our merchants excel at selling and get the word out. Actually that’s how this whole thing started. I visited one of our bakeries and discovered warm Mexican sweet rolls that were three for a dollar. I just had to let people know! After a conversation with Robin Goldsworthy, the publisher, this column was born. Thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to follow us here these six years and for supporting the small businesses of Montrose. As for me, I’m still around serving on the Marketing Committee for the MSP and running our stores Revelation TOPS and Mountain Rose GIFTS. Montrose, writing, photography and storytelling are in my heart and you’re invited to check out my blog “Small Town Life In Big L.A.” at

In the meantime we are looking forward to 2016 in Montrose and the opportunity to do what we “mom & pops” love to do. No small feat in this ever-increasing online world. A happy & blessed New Year, dear friends! See you around town!

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Mary Dawson  Montrose Shopping Park Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!

Mary Dawson
Montrose Shopping Park
Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!

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  1. mary dawson says:

    Sure will miss reading your column!

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