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Shop Montrose With Merchants You Know!

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There are so many ways to shop these days! Big companies have made it easy to let your fingers do the walking and try to emulate neighborhood shopping like ours in constructed mall “villages.” Yet we are the originals with winding streets and prancing horse-drawn carriages that modern day venues just can’t duplicate. There’s another thing you’ll find in Montrose that big developer money can’t buy. It’s called heart. Love that comes from small storeowners that have a passion for what they do, owners that work in their stores and that you get to know by name. This photo was taken to convey that sense of Montrose family and to encourage you to shop local. Buy your books from Maureen, your kids’ clothes from GiGi, your cosmetics from Kim, your Christmas décor from Dale, your fun gifts from Jack, your tops from Mary, your gowns from Karla, your candles from Cindy, your beer from Cristal, your paella from Jeannie, your diamonds from Garo, your skateboards from Jackie, your guitars from Ken, your copies from Andre, and your haircuts from Jack, just to name a few. There are over 150 boutiques, cafes and salons here! Such a special place –  the Christmas town everyone dreams of. Keep us alive. Keep us well. Shop Montrose this Christmas!

Enjoy Old Town
Christmas When You Shop Montrose


This is what Christmas shopping is like in Montrose. Forget that awful canned mall music. Here you’ll enjoy the sound of horse-drawn carriages, jazz bands playing good taste holiday music, colorful banners proclaiming joy & peace, and lights twinkling in the trees. You’ll also feel the Christmas love at our Sunday Harvest Market. Listen to the Honolulu Ave. Strummers as you shop for farm grown mandarins, tangerines, Medjool dates and sweet potatoes, all in season now. Now you can get your gifts wrapped in the market while you shop. The Prom Plus Club kids are doing good, again wrapping MSP purchases with receipts for free and charging a small fee for gifts from outside the shopping park. Feel like a kid again. Feel Christmas in Montrose!

Mary Dawson  Montrose Shopping Park Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!

Mary Dawson
Montrose Shopping Park
Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!

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