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Shop Big … But Shop Small!

Come to Old Town Montrose White Friday for shopping, snow, caroling, and tree lighting when many stores will white out your sales tax.

Come to Old Town Montrose White Friday for shopping, snow, caroling, and tree lighting when many stores will white out your sales tax.

There’s a message that’s sweeping the Facebook world like wildfire. It’s a decorative poster done in shades of red and green with a giant banner across the top saying “Here’s An Idea…” It’s a real attention grabber that goes on to say, “Let’s buy Christmas presents from small local businesses and self employed people.” These kind of things are music to small store owners’ ears especially when folks get the message of what’s behind it.

I have been a retailer for several decades now. For most of that time it was considered “normal” to plan an increase in business every year and place orders accordingly. It’s just the way it was. We all had cash and we all had dash. Once in a while, depending on your type of business, you would plan conservatively, but it was rare. One thing no one planned for was what began in 2008 and hit like Hurricane Sandy in 2009: to have the floor to drop out and your business plummet by 30% or more. We saw many of our favorite small stores literally wiped out by the rushing waves of a bad economy.

Now it’s three years later and the waves, though still out there, have calmed down and rebuilding has begun. The folks who appreciate all the things small stores have to offer want to see them once again thrive. In this season of Thanksgiving, we as merchants are very thankful to be here doing what we love and are looking forward to this weekend with hopeful hearts for a wonderful White Friday, Old Town Christmas shopping weekend.

It has become a tradition in many households to spend the Thursday with family, giving thanks, and enjoying a turkey dinner. Most people have the whole weekend off and by Friday they are ready to get out and shop. What better place to do it than the Montrose Shopping Park! Bring your guests and see your neighbors and friends, as you stroll our tree-lined streets and check out all the stores’ Christmas windows. Support your local merchants, many of whom will have a white snowflake in their window because they are whiting out taxes for White Friday. Plan on having dinner and staying for snow and tree lighting at 7 p.m. with falling snow and Christmas carols.

Saturday is “Shop Small Saturday” when American Express gives their registered cardholders a $25 credit when they use their card to make a purchase at their favorite small business. This is a national movement to make 2012 the year to rediscover the joys of shopping with your local merchants who know your name, greet you with a smile, offer personalized service and free gift wrap. Yes! Montrose is that place! The atmosphere is here as we begin Old Town Christmas this Saturday with street musicians, pony rides, and horse drawn trolleys.

Yes, it is a wonderful life in Montrose and we can’t wait to see you! For more details visit our website Thank you!

Mary Dawson promotes the MSPA board. She and her family own Revelation Tops and Mountain Rose Gifts.

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