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Hollywood in Montrose

The Montrose Shopping Park has been an attractive location with Hollywood for many years. With its quaint shops and “Main Street” appeal, studios like that it could be anywhere in the USA. We sat down with Film Liaison Steve Pierce to get the scoop on what’s filming in Montrose and how it benefits the community.
Q: What are some of the more notable films and TV shows filmed in the MSP?  
Pierce: Faye’s was used for “Hitchcock,” Montrose Bowl for Clint Eastwood’s Jersey Boys productions for Sony and 20th Century Fox, commercials are filmed on our streets for AARP, Toyota and Nissan. [Other shows include]”NCIS-LA,” “Sons of Anarchy” and many more.

Q: What locations are the most popular?  
Pierce: During my first two years, the 2200 block of Honolulu Avenue was the most asked about location because of the famous Montrose Town Clock and the Black Cow restaurant. This year it’s been the 2400 block… Each year is unique and different.

Q: What incentives do studios and location managers have filming here?
Pierce: The film industry today is making a robust comeback with incentives to film locally and Montrose is the perfect location close to Hollywood. Location managers find Montrose very easy to work with because of our history of qualified experience.
Q: How does filming benefit the community?
Pierce: Filming brings “positive notoriety” to the Montrose Shopping Park. When film companies come to Montrose it may be the first visit for many of their crew and cast members. They have a chance to visit our shops and try our specialty restaurants. Often I hear from film crews saying, “What a cute town this is!” and “Wow, we had no idea this place existed so close to L.A.,” or even the question of “How much are the homes around here?” Filming brings excitement and positive energy to the town. “What’s filming now?” people will ask. “Anyone famous here?”

If it weren’t for the special events and decorative efforts done by the Montrose Shopping Park Association, we wouldn’t be that cut-above-the-rest. Grab your camera and hit the town! You never know what will be filming here next…

This week our Sunday Market features juicy red pomegranates, nicely ripened persimmons and, for a treat, star fruit. Enjoy the Market while listening to sounds of Liz Randall and her Wheelhouse Band. Come to Montrose this Sunday and enjoy our unique shops and fine selection of restaurants.

Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors

Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors

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