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Fall Harvest Market Features in Montrose

Have you tried the gumbo at Gourmet Cobbler Factory? Ask for Cliff … he runs the booth, challenging anyone to build a better pot of gumbo. Gourmet filé gumbo with seafood and okra … try it. You’ll like it. And don’t forget about the cobbler. A warm serving this early season can be quite settling.


So this Sunday, sit back and enjoy the sweet sounds of the musical past with The Subs. If you haven’t heard them you’re in for a treat. Many Montrose shops and most restaurants are open on Sunday. Come and enjoy!

Warm the cider and pick those pumpkins! It’s time to celebrate the fall harvest in Montrose. One of the Montrose Shopping Park’s finest qualities is consistently providing organic food, gourmet snacks and artisan goods at the Harvest Market every Sunday. Many small cities around Los Angeles try but nobody does a Farmer’s Market better. Great merchants, quality vendors, delicious food and fun for the kids!


Outside in the open air, we have everything you’ll need. From colorful fruit to nutrient-rich vegetable stands – all sourced from the local, sun kissed fields of California. Sweet Tree Farms, a leading authority on seasonal fruits, offers all the good flavors you might miss at the grocery store. Be on the lookout for a new crop of Medjool dates, okra and fresh watermelons.

Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors

Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors

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