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How a 10-Year-Old Spends $20 in Montrose

Montrose Shopping Park is a great place for families. Whether it’s walking the dog in the mornings, after-school activities, date nights or weekends at the Harvest Market … it’s a place for everyone. With so many fun things (especially for kids) to do, we recruited Sparr Heights local Ashlin Clark to show us how a 10-year-old spends $20 in Montrose.

Our first stop: Froyo Life. With a wide variety of flavors and toppings, Froyo Life is a dessert paradise. Ashlin ordered half strawberry and half orange froyo with gummy worms and boy did it look good! Her choice in after-school snack aligns perfectly with Froyo Life’s motto, “Life is colorful, why settle for less?”
Our next stop was Critters. A veteran in the Montrose Shopping Park, Critters offers a variety of unique toys, magic tricks, collectables, candy, balloons and just about everything that makes life fun! Advising Ashlin not to spend all her money in one place, it was a tough call between a mood ring or a necklace … Can you guess which one she bought? The necklace!

We then ventured down Honolulu Avenue to Once Upon a Time – the oldest children’s bookstore in the nation. Here we browsed all the delightful books, petted the store’s cat Pippa, and found a cozy bench in the corner to read. After careful consideration, Ashlin purchased the book, “The Unwanteds.” With a $1.82 left, we made our way back to Critters to buy some candy, walk up the rainbow stairs and head home for dinner.
This week our Sunday Market features succulent passion fruit, sweet bell peppers and baskets of blackberries and strawberries. Our music will be the incredible guitarist Carmine Zeccardi playing patriotic country music from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Most Montrose restaurants and shops are open on Sunday as well. See you there!

Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors
Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors

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