Happy one year anniversary to the Crescenta Valley Weekly!

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Mary Dawson

Throughout the year I keep a journal. In the back of that journal I like to record highlights of the year as they happen. It’s fun to look back and get a quick glimpse of what that year was like. As I look back to this time last year I remember the very first time I met Robin Goldsworthy and Mary O’Keefe. Dale and I were working together at Mountain Rose when in walked Robin and Mary, all smiles, with the first edition of the “hot off the press” Crescenta Valley Weekly. They excitedly told us of the new paper and their vision for our very own community news, all this amidst the Station fires, raging all around, and an incredible heat wave. But I’ve come to learn that this very determination, despite obstacles, is what defines Robin and Mary. These two are passionate about what they do. They are fulfilling their “calling” because they truly care about this community and its people. Speaking for myself, and on behalf of the Montrose Shopping Park Association, we say “Thank You”!!!
From the beginning all of us on the MSPA board relished the idea of a local paper that would reach people like you who also care about Montrose and keeping it the “Mayberry” of the foothills. Thanks to The Crescenta Valley Weekly we are able to share with you, each week, stories about our “one of a kind” businesses, and the people behind them. We are able to take the time to tell you all about upcoming special events and our ongoing Harvest Market. For us Thursday is a happy day because that’s the day the CV Weekly comes out.
Now think of this, what if there was no Robin Goldsworthy? I don’t know that anyone else would have the knowledge, connections, time, and vision to do what she and her staff are doing. It is truly a blessing what we are holding in our hands right now. To produce a paper like this also requires money. This is where you and I come in. I can get a free copy of the paper at the local newsstand but I choose to pay for an annual subscription because I am supporting a good cause. The MSPA has chosen to support this paper with our advertising dollars because we believe in it. So let’s work together to get the word out.
On a personal note, how wonderful it is to see what a family affair this paper is. Did you know that Charly Shelton is Mary’s son? He writes like someone far ahead of his age. Jessy, Mary’s youngest, is a sweet young girl who can be seen with her red wagon, delivering papers on Honolulu. It’s so cute! So once again “Thank you” dear Robin and Mary and a Very Happy Anniversary!

Mary Dawson owns Revelation Tops with her sister Carole and serves as vice president of the Montrose Shopping Park.

Mary O’Keefe, senior reporter for The Crescenta Valley Weekly is always on the go!

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