Designing gardens with an Artful Eye

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By Odalis A. SUAREZ

For Cindy Jackson, standing in front of an empty lawn is like standing in front of a blank canvas ready to be turned into a masterpiece. Taking gardening to an artistic level is the idea behind her landscaping business The Artful Eye.
“That’s what the artist is, this eye that perceives things differently,” said Jackson in regard to the name of her business, which she started within the last six months.
A painter, sculptor, and graphic design artist, Jackson designed her grassless front lawn in north Glendale with plants, stones, mulch, and even cocoa shells. Her yard is layered with gray stones, light green plants, a stone path, dark green plants and buff colored rocks.  Her design extends to her parkway with a star shape surrounding an oak tree with miniature pathways.
“Once everything has grown in, it is going to look like an abstract painting,” stated Jackson. “I’m a designer by trade, and gardening has been something I’ve done.”
Not only does Jackson visit nurseries, but she also visits rock yards as well as salvage yards to find elements to combine into one creation. On her lawn, Jackson used old-fashioned Bailey’s Irish Cream cups as bird feeders.
“It’s a flat surface that you can pull into 3D,” she explained. “It’s very much about painting as well. It’s about color, shape, form, [and] moving the eye.”
However, her business is not only promoting an artistic perspective in lawn design, but also in water conservation.
“I’m trying my best not to use [the] sprinkler systems, but a drip system,” she said.
The drip system is an efficient way to save water. Drips of water land only in the soil where the plants need it, rather than hitting the concrete and ending up in drains.
Jackson further conserves water by taking strategic measures when constructing her landscape design. By working with the land section by section, she makes sure that only the locations that need water receive it.
“I like to put the plants first and then the [drip] system,” she said.  “I know how to do water systems and I know how to make good art.”
With a unique perspective on landscape design, Jackson always puts the clients needs first, by understanding their vision and then studying the land. She also considers the location of the home and
what design will best suit the area as well as who lives
in the household. Jackson explained that accommodations would be different for a family versus a single individual home.
“I’ll go to somebody’s home and I’ll sit and I’ll study [the land],” she explained.
The Artful Eye is not only making an environmentally friendly contribution to the community, but she is taking part in a creative business that she enjoys doing.
“It’s more materials, but it’s more interesting [and] in the long run it’s less care,” she said.
For more information about The Artful Eye call Cindy Jackson at (818) 371-3046.

The Artful Eye owner Cindy Jackson, seen here in her garden, brings her experience as a painter, sculptor, and graphic design artist to the yards that she transforms.

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