Dr. Dale helps folks to Stand Tall

Photo provided by Standing Tall Chiropractic Dr. Dale Ellwein, seen here with his children, specializes in improving the overall health of his patients.


To some, chiropractic may seem as foreign and mysterious as the spine itself. Upon first entering Dr. Dale Ellwein’s clinic, Standing Tall Chiropractic, these uncertainties quickly vanish. The sense of inviting openness created by the man known as Dr. Dale combined with the courteous staff makes for a pleasant atmosphere that promotes relaxation.
Of course, chiropractic  is about much more than ambiance and good company. Standing Tall’s patients are looking for relief from the chronic pains and discomforts many live with every day. The goal of chiropractic  is the pursuit of wellness and healthy longevity, and few are more committed or better equipped to reach this goal than Dr. Dale.
“I opened my practice because I wanted to move away from patch up work and focus on more long term solutions for improving health,” said Ellwein. “It is important to know that as the nervous system is restored, our ability to experience life is drastically improved.”
Before he brought his brand of chiropractic to the people of the Crescenta Valley, musicians facing career ending hand problems found relief in Dr. Dale’s skills. Over the years the chiropractic field has evolved, as has Dr. Dale himself, becoming an expert in overall Wellness and developing techniques that provide the greatest assistance to his patients.
Because of the nature of chiropractic, the range of individuals who stand to experience significant overall health improvement is large. Athletes and musicians looking to improve their performance will find the benefits to be just as great as those looking to overcome back pain, neck pain and headaches.
“My methods are beneficial on two fronts,” he explained. “I alleviate stress while increasing the body’s capacity to handle stress.”
As explained by Dr. Dale, “When we live with symptoms for a long period of time, we begin to think of them as normal.  They are not normal at all and through my techniques, performance and function can usually be restored back to normal.”
While Standing Tall offers advanced techniques and state of the art technologies, the philosophies of wellness reach beyond chiropractic adjustments alone. Patients are also offered care and support, including lectures and counseling for a healthy lifestyle.
Motivation is also considered to be one of the keys to staying healthy.
“Whether it’s watching your kids grow up or hoping to walk them down the aisle, motivation can be important to pushing us toward a healthy lifestyle,” said Ellwein. “Health is a long term investment that pays off big down the road.”
Visit Dr. Dale Ellwein at Standing Tall Chiropractic, 3436 N. Verdugo Road, Suite 250 on the Montrose/Glendale border or call (818) 249-9355.