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Start planning your 1950s outfit for the 3rd Annual Montrose Film Festival the weekend of Aug. 24-25.

Start planning your 1950s outfit for the 3rd Annual Montrose Film Festival the weekend of Aug. 24-25.

I always look forward to the Montrose Film Festival. Why? Because it takes place near the end of summer, it’s outdoors, usually on a perfect starry summer night, and it’s a family event that makes me feel safe. Plus I get to see lots of friends. Depending on the weather we might even need to bring a blanket to cozy up in. Isn’t that a nice thought right about now!

This year’s 3rd Annual Montrose Film Festival is a gift to you from the merchants of the Montrose Shopping Park. It will take place at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, Aug. 24 and Saturday, Aug. 25 at the site of the former Montrose Theater in the lot next to Andersen’s Pets. We will be showing the best selling “Back To The Future” movies.

On Friday night, get ready for some Huey Lewis and the News soundtracks as we premiere the original “Back To The Future.” For those who have never seen it, it’s described as a science fiction/adventure/comedy. You can’t go wrong with that! It takes place in 1985, the same year it was released. Doc Brown, played by Christopher Lloyd, invents a time machine. It takes him and his friend Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, back to 1955 when Marty accidentally prevents his parents from meeting, putting his very existence in jeopardy. “Back To The Future” is good, clean fun and was the most successful film of the year in when it debuted.

To help get us all in the 1950s, mood we have put the word out to neighbors who have classic cars. Expect to see them cruising our streets. We will also have live music from The Maestros and free movie popcorn. If you want to kick things up another notch, we invite you to come dressed ’50s style. The women in the ’50s wore lots of dresses. The most popular had a fitted bodice, belted waist, and full skirt. Hair was curled and cat’s eye glasses were all the rage.

The guys were into the wet hair look with lots of pomade, jeans, white Ts, and leather jackets.

Next week I’ll give you the scoop on festival food and treats, and some fun facts on Saturday night’s feature. In the meantime, mark your calendar and start planning those outfits.

Thank you so much for supporting your small, one-of-a-kind stores in Montrose!

Mary Dawson serves as vice president for the MSPA board. She and her family own Revelation Tops and Mountain Rose Gifts.

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