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One school – two campuses St. James and Holy Redeemer

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As two of the premier Catholic schools in the area, St. James  and Holy Redeemer Catholic schools offer the highest level of instruction for kindergarten through eighth grades. The two campuses provide a strong dedication to learning and morality with a respected teaching staff that works to promote excellence in its students.
As the same school on two campuses, both St. James and Holy Redeemer are Catholic schools under the
same pastor. Sharing a focus on
long-term growth and the mutual benefit of greater resources and space, having two campuses establishes a positive impact on the students and a more proactive environment for learning.
With a student body of around 220 students, the school is able to offer a more individualized approach to learning. Additionally, there is a stronger student to teacher ratio, with approximately 25 students per classroom in junior high and 20 in grammar school.
As principal of St. James and Holy Redeemer, Susan Romero is a strong advocate for the educational philosophy held by Catholic schools.
“We meet the needs of all learners,” said Romero. “Our curriculum is designed to promote engaged learning.”
This philosophy allows for an expansion of the traditional teaching methods of grammar school and junior high school. Spanish is offered in the fourth grade, orchestra and theatre arts are strongly promoted to the students, and the curriculum calls for a heavy science and math emphasis. Additionally, the school promotes its students moral development through Catholic teachings.
“Our schools prepare our students for the future, from the tools to succeed in high school and college to building a practical foundation for success later in life,” said Romero. “At the core of our educational system are Catholic values.”
As a private school, St. James and Holy Redeemer also hold certain advantages over the public school system. In addition to smaller class sizes, rigorous academics and an expansion of fine arts support, the school is able to meet and exceed state standards.
Athletics are also considered important to the students’ extracurricular activities and the school offers a number of sports through its involvement with the Catholic Youth organization. By widening the traditional scope of elementary and junior high school education to include arts, athletics and an increased focus on academics, St. James and Holy Redeemer are able to offer a unique and advantageous learning environment for its students.
As explained by Romero, “Through a well balanced approach to learning as well as a focus on personal faith and moral development, we are able to mold intelligent and successful people.”

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