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A Touch of Brazil in Montrose

With the lighting of the torch, the Olympic Games have found themselves in the center of our homes and hearts as we cheer for our native countries, proud to win a medal. This year, one of our very own vendors from the Montrose Harvest Market finds herself in the heart of it all: Livia Consedine with My Sweet Bites. Every Sunday at the Montrose Harvest Market, you’ll find Livia and her husband John sampling and selling the iconic Brazilian treat brigadeiro in the My Sweet Bites booth.

John and Livia


What is Brigadeiro?


Brigadeiro (Bree-gah-day-ro) is so purely decadent and delicious it’s impossible to describe without having you try it. Brigadeiro is to Brazil what the chocolate chip cookie is to America, a cultural icon that has been passed on throughout the generations.

As the story goes, brigadeiro was a tribute to the brigadier General Eduardo Gomes, running for president. His slogan was, “Vote for the most handsome and single brigadier.” The dessert was said to have been created during the Brazilian candidate’s campaign and it became so popular it started a new way to fundraise. People would later begin to call friends and family to come eat the “treat of the Brigadier.” Over time, the dessert ended up being called brigadeiro, synonymous with a happy time spent with family and friends.

My Sweet Bites of Montrose produces the very best brigadario that money can buy. Using the highest quality ingredients, their brigadeiro is slowly cooked in small amounts to create a velvety consistency. Some variations contain chocolate while others include fruit, but either way, they’re both delicious! So rich like no other, it is aptly described as a true labor of love because in the end, you’ll love it!  Each treat is individually portioned, gently hand-rolled to achieve uniformity and it is carefully packaged. There is an artisan’s touch in making every brigadeiro.

 Tray of Brigadeiro

My Sweet Bites offers catering and custom packaging for special events. It’s perfect for weddings, showers, afternoon tea and always to have on hand for guests. To request a customizable quote or inquire about catering options, email Livia at or call (626) 755-9998. Grab a box at the Montrose Harvest Market on Sundays and visit for more information.

This week our Market features orchard fresh white peaches, white nectarines, and freshly picked cucumbers. For a treat try delicious fresh baked breads by Gerard at the very popular France Bakery booth. And while you’re shopping enjoy the soothing jazz sounds of the Mark Towns trio. It’s all happening this Sunday, Aug. 14 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. in the 2300 block of Honolulu Avenue. And don’t forget to shop at the many Montrose merchants who are open for your convenience each Sunday!

Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors

Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors

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