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The Balcony of Southern California

Thank you to Steve Pierce, past president of the Crescenta Valley Chamber, for the following article.

It’s just an old-fashioned iconic sign hidden behind a chain-link fence at the northeast corner of Briggs Avenue and Foothill Boulevard. Many have opinions as to when it was placed but this we know . . . the La Crescenta Chamber of Commerce, now known as the Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce, built the sign and placed it at the eastern entry to our community.

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The sign dramatically announces you have entered La Crescenta. Previously and still known for its unbeatable climate, crisp clear air, and world-wide reputation for the relief of asthma, La Crescenta has all the advantages of urban living yet provides nighttime rest, seclusion and star-gazing. Yes, most any night you can still see and enjoy a dramatic blanket of stars if you drive to the top of Briggs Terrace or Pinecrest. It’s especially impressive on a crisp fall evening when the breezes have cleared the air leaving a plethora of twinkling diamonds in the sky.

The secret to the unbeatable climate gave rise to the motto on the sign . . . “The Balcony of Southern California.” No one seems to remember who actually coined the words but they formed a statement which continues to be used today by our Chamber. Some even have added to it by calling our Valley “The Star of the Foothills” or “The Most Beautiful Place on Earth.” And that it is.

The sign today is a bit worn, slightly tired, and desperately in need of TLC. Some in the community have contacted our Chamber, and a few have called us personally to find out what can be done to “spruce it up.” Those of us within the Chamber have heard the comments and are listening. Soon the Chamber will begin the process of refurbishing the sign. No need to worry; it will have the same look and feel . . . just a new set of clothes.

Our sign is not just a piece of wood that has been painted and bolted to two 4-by-4 posts. Rather it is a Crescenta Valley family member that has metaphorically taken a long trip, returned, needs a hot shower and a leather recliner to sit and relax. It has many stories . . . earthquakes, fires, torrential rains, flooding, mudslides, winds, blistering heat, freezing cold, snow and even rainbows. It has watched over our children and grandparents, waved good-bye to students leaving for college only to proudly watch them return to start their own careers and families. The old-fashioned iconic sign has seen it all yet still stands proudly announcing you have come home to La Crescenta. It’s time we returned the favor.

CV Chamber dates to remember:

Saturday, Aug. 8 – La Crescenta Avenue off-ramp cleanup at 8:30 a.m.

Wednesday, Aug. 12 – Mixer at Caspian Services, 401 N. Brand, 2nd floor balcony, at 6 p.m.

Monday, Aug. 17 – Deadline for $100 booth space at Foothills Community Business Expo (on Sept. 9).

Lisa Dupuy, executive director
CV Chamber of Commerce
3131 Foothill Blvd. ‘D’
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 248-4957

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