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Summertime is Harvest Market Time

Fresh corn is in season and piled high at our Montrose Harvest Market!

It’s not every day that you can walk the Harvest Market and see tables piled high with just picked corn, perfectly dressed in summer husks. Now is the time. The summer corn crops are in, and we all know there’s nothing like fresh corn on the cob, right out of the pot, with butter, salt and pepper. Here’s a corn grower’s secret to enjoying perfectly cooked corn: Bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Add the corn slowly, one ear at a time, so as not to stop the boiling. Boil the corn for two minutes only. That is just the right amount of time to enhance the sugar in the kernels and not turn them into starch. Try it and you’ll see.

There are also myriads of tomatoes, fruits, veggies and herbs that are all in season now. We invite you to visit us often on these Sundays, enjoy the live music, stroll and shop. In addition to fresh produce here are some fun booths you may like to check out.

“Jirina’s Wee Gardens” has one-of-a-kind, themed topiaries that are very well priced. They are creatively designed by a local husband and wife team. Julia at “Pish Posh Girl” has a selection of hand made baby wear and the cutest little carry all sets. Your kids would enjoy getting their faces painted at “Face Makers.” The paint will last for hours and is easily removed with water. Jessie and Madison enjoy this art and only charge $5-$10 per face.

Eli from “Sunset Pig” crafts simple, trendy necklaces made from little square scrabble tiles adorned with photos. Each is on a delicate silver chain. If it’s unique, hand painted greeting cards you are after look up Deike Brandt’s booth. The cards are so beautiful you will have a hard time wanting to part with them.

Did you know Don Francis gets up at 2 a.m. every Sunday morning to make the drive from Yucaipa for our market? Don’s passion is vintage books. Each book is lovingly wrapped with a Mylar cover to protect it. Prices are very reasonable and are written in pencil in the upper corner of the inside page. I recently purchased a “Little Red Riding Hood” picture book for only $5 which I enjoy displaying in my home.

Thanks for reading! I hope this column inspires you and causes you to keep Montose in your heart.

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See you here next week!

Mary Dawson serves as vice president for the MSPA board. She and her family own Revelation Tops and Mountain Rose Gifts.

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