Summer bounty at the Montrose Harvest Market

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Mary Dawson

Have you heard the term “staycation” yet? It’s a new way of life for many riding out the current economy whereby you find fun things to do close to home. Every Sunday morning in the Montrose Shopping Park it feels like vacation. How refreshing it is to meander down Honolulu Avenue with the smell of outdoor foods being prepared and the sounds of jazz floating in the air. It’s summer, it’s safe, it’s food for the soul. If you live here it’s also the weekly neighborhood reunion. You are bound to see people you know and meet new friends.
I could go on and on about all that is available at our Harvest Market but this week I am going to share my personal “Top 10.” Perhaps you may be inspired to try them this week.
#1: Strawberries. In season now, we have several farmers selling California’s just picked, sweet ones. They taste so good that you will want to buy extra for a homemade strawberry pie. They also freeze well to enjoy in fruit shakes throughout the year. #2: Peaches, apricots, and plums. I love the vendors who let you assort these fruits for one price. Both white and yellow peaches are prime now.  #3: The potato and onion assortments. Every type of potato and onion you can imagine once again at the same price. Assort to your heart’s content. Harvest market potatoes are far superior in taste to store bought. #4: Summer salads. I love buying the fresh greens, sprinkled with flowers, in clear plastic bags. #5: Fresh herbs. You can buy big bunches at low prices. I place mine in a pitcher of water in my kitchen. This way I enjoy their beauty and scent and can easily snip when I cook. #6: Hot roasted peanuts. They smell so good, how can you resist? They make such a healthy snack during the week too.  #7: The colorful, iced fruit juices all lined up in plastic jugs. Try a different one each time to sip as you stroll. #8: Fresh roasted corn on the cob. There is no graceful way to eat this so just find a bench and go for it. #9: A new plant for my garden. We have the best quality plants and herbs here. My latest find is a Provence lavender plant that transports me to the south of France. Montrose is French for mountain rose, you know! #10: The famous $6 summer bouquet containing fragrant eucalyptus, vibrant Purple Status and bright yellow sunflowers. These hearty bouquets last over a week!
This is just a fraction of all the Harvest Market has to offer. In addition to the certified, organic produce we offer a variety of delicious food (love those spinning Hawaiian chickens!), a Thieves Market featuring antiques and collectibles, pony rides, a petting zoo and the Montrose Bounce Company for the kids. All this is enhanced with the sounds of the Gremoli New Orleans Jazz Band playing in the background. The Harvest Market runs Sunday mornings from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. so do make it a summer tradition and come on by. I will be posting pics for you on our blog This will be linked to our Facebook page. We would love to hear what your favorite things about the Harvest Market are. Happy Summer!

Mary Dawson owns
Revelation Tops with her
sister Carole, and serves as vice president of the Montrose Shopping Park.

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