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“More than 10,000 computer monitors and TV’s become obsolete every day.” – Global eRecyclers

Global eRecyclers is a Cal EPA
approved recycler located in the
city of Santa Fe Springs, Calif.
Their website states that various
studies and research shows that
e-waste has become one of the
fastest growing concerns to the

Older monitors and TVs
contain approximately eight to
10 pounds of lead. Computers
and monitors contain even
more toxic materials – lead,
mercury, arsenic, cadmium and
phosphorous powders.
E-waste facts:
• 56% of American households
have functional electronics
that they will no longer use.
• 33% said they plan to store
these electronics indefinitely.
• 9% said they plan to recycle
these devices.
• 40% of lead found in landfills
comes from e-waste.
Global eRecyclers, Green
World Realty and the Crescenta
Valley Chamber of Commerce
have organized a way for all
of us to help out the landfills.
This Saturday, July 23 is our
free e-waste recycling event at
the chamber office parking lot
at Palms Plaza, 3131 Foothill
Blvd., La Crescenta from 9:30
a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Clean
out the garage and get rid of old
televisions or computers that are
taking up space. Bring your PCs,
CPUs, televisions, CRT monitors,
printers, fax machines, copiers
and most other electronics to
the CV Chamber office parking
lot for e-recycling. Call the
chamber if you have a question
about what electronics they will
take. Global e-Recyclers, Inc.
will make sure your e-waste is
properly handled, disposed of
and recycled. They also include
identity theft protection via
data destruction of your hard
drives. And the best part of it is
the fact that you are helping the
environment and putting less in
the landfills!

Green World Realty is the
sponsor of our free e-waste
recycling event. They are
committed to sustainable
business practices and
educating both buyers and
sellers about sustainable homes,
developments and communities.

They are a proud member of
1% for the Planet, donating
1% of their gross proceeds
to an organization that has
sustainability in mind.

They have recently adopted
docusign – a paperless contract
process to eliminate unnecessary
use of paper – and they continue
to recycle and print on 100%
recycled paper at the office. Their
Gen Green Silver certification is
the beginning of a goal to become
completely carbon free.

Come by the Crescenta Valley
Chamber of Commerce with
your e-waste on Saturday, July
23 and meet with Green World
Realty representatives about
how they can make a difference
in your life or you can call Green
World Realty toll free at (800)

Important dates: July 22 –
Loco Wings ribbon cutting; July
23 – e-waste recycling; July 23
– Fish Cove ribbon cutting; Aug.
2 – Dine Out Night at Golf N’
Grill; Aug. 10 – Caspian Services
business mixer.

Please contact our office for
more details on any event. How
to reach us: (818) 248-4957 / / / 3131
Foothill Blvd., Ste D.

Julia Rabago is the executive director of Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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