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Meet Jeanne Marie Deranja and try her freshly caught Wild Alaska Sockeye salmon at the Montrose Harvest Market!
Meet Jeanne Marie Deranja and try her freshly caught Wild Alaska Sockeye salmon at the Montrose Harvest Market!

These are the weeks we have all been waiting for! It’s that time of the year when California grown fruits and vegetables of all shapes, sizes and colors overflow the market stalls. Yes, this is the time to visit our Montrose Harvest Market, every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. As market manager Mark Sheridan would say, “The bounty is in!” We are so thankful for Mark and his passion and knowledge of the “farm-to-table” industry. He always brings us the latest and most unique finds in farmland and healthy food. There are a lot of us “foodies” in town and we have this gem right in our backyard.

Did you know the best salmon are running in Alaska right now and Ivo Deranja is up there sailing the choppy seas in his fishing vessel, the Jeanne Marie? His mission? To bring back fresh, flavorful, Alaska Sockeye salmon to Montrose! Sockeye salmon are highly sought after for their flavor, color, quality and high omega-3 oil content. They are a deep red/orange in color, which is several shades darker than regular salmon. Jeanne Deranja, Ivo’s wife, recommends simply baking them with olive oil, fresh rosemary and lemon. Yum! Expect to see them in our market very soon, possibly even this weekend.

Mark is introducing us to Santa Rita Farms, a grower of organic veggies and flowers from Santa Barbara. It’s quite a trek for them but they are doing it for you. Richard Youngblood is returning with last chance peaches such as his Alberta peaches, which are grown in the higher elevations of the Central Valley for pure taste.

Now is the prime time for all kinds of berries. Strawberries are at the end of their cycle and two colors of raspberries, gooseberries, loganberries and blueberries are hitting the stage. This is also the time to load up on sweet corn, refreshing watermelon, and summer squash. Don’t forget the Valencia oranges, perfect for juicing.

Mark suggests you try the latest health trend at our Probiotics Boost booth. They sell fermented sodas and vegetables such as sauerkraut and carrots that are blended right here in Montrose. Consuming these help aid in proper digestion.

So do come out this weekend to your weekly neighborhood reunion and enjoy the nostalgic ’70s and ’80s sounds of Gary Lee and The Padres Trail.

Thank you for shopping the small stores of the Montrose Shopping Park. We are most grateful for your business.

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