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Meet Andre! Leading the MSPA Family


You can tell a lot about someone by who they hang with. Montrose Shopping Park President Andre Ordubegian is a family man. Surrounded here by his stunningly beautiful wife and children, they start each day together with a full sit-down breakfast that Ivette prepares. Andre treats the MSPA like family, too. He wants everyone to get along and do what’s beneficial for the businesses. He doesn’t have much regard for those who “stir the pot” or self promote. Andre is a great example of a faithful volunteer and leader who has given much time to making Montrose a better place. No small task when he is also running the very successful Copy Network, www.copynetwork.com, located right behind Starbucks. In business close to 30 years, CN does it all including printing, marketing, website design and computer services. Thank you Andre for all you do! You are a jewel in the Montrose Shopping Park.

Paxton Does Montrose!


Meet 2-year-old Paxton, having a ball on his first trip to Montrose. Dad Colin, a Purple Heart recipient, mom Emily, who appeared on the “Ellen” show when pregnant with Pax, along with the grandparents from the east coast, made the trek up to Montrose from Camp Pendleton to do some serious shopping and dining. First stop Revelation Tops to see Carole and get Cali designer tops to take home. Then it was on to It Takes A Village Kids where they found this beyond cute “’Sup Girl” tee. Dinner took place at The Black Cow where the food received rave reviews (especially the onion soup) (gotta remember to try that!). The evening was topped off with a visit to Billy’s Boardshop where little Paxton got his first skateboard. He’s a happy camper now strolling Honolulu Avenue board in hand. This is what we are about! Shop & Dine Montrose! There’s something for the whole family!

Mary Dawson  Montrose Shopping Park Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!
Mary Dawson
Montrose Shopping Park
Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!
  • Dear Mary, thank you for all your kind words. I also want to express my great appreciation for all your efforts and dedication that you bring to our community. I hope you will continue to be a voice for good in the neighborhood.