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Meet Lex. He Helps Make Montrose Beautiful

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Lex has no idea his picture is in the paper today. Perhaps you can be the first to tell him and thank him. Why? Have you ever strolled by Montrose Travel and stopped dead in your tracks admiring the amazingly beautiful landscaping there? It’s all the artistry of Lex Putpraw, who has been with M.T. for close to 17 years. Lex told me that God gave him this special gift and it gives him great pleasure to give us something beautiful to look at with meaning. This Glendale Beautiful award winner’s work has now extended into the back alleys enhancing Joselito’s and Merle Norman with sculpted trees, hearts and American flags. Thank you, Montrose Travel and thank you, Lex! You are so gifted!



Shop & Dine Friday at Etc. Gourmet Kitchen! 

You just never know what you are going to find showcased on a doily lined, vintage cake plate at Etc. Gourmet Kitchen. Owner Robin Seifert is a “foodie” and artist and follows her inspirations. Among the usual gourmet pastry and sandwich fare you will always find sweet and savory specials making a star appearance. One day it’s strawberry shortcake, the next orange glazed grilled salmon. There’s Paleo bread for those on special diets or you might find a summer salad with fresh peaches and pecans. This Friday when you shop & dine Montrose, head to Etc. and grab a seat at one of their balcony tables. They have a great view of Montrose and are located next to Copy Network, behind Starbucks. Order their mac & cheese special and a slice of pie and enjoy the live music that starts in town at 5 p.m. It makes for great people watching and a new way to start your summer weekend in style. If you want to know more about Etc.’s menu go to their brand new website Thanks for reading! See you here next week with the latest Montrose Shopping Park news.



Mary Dawson

Montrose Shopping Park

Love To SHOP & Dine Montrose!







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