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Highlights from the Montrose Car Show

It was a clear 85 degrees with a gentle breeze at the 15th Annual Montrose Car Show – a gorgeous day for a car show on Independence Weekend. Hundreds of distinct cars lined the street from one end of the avenue to the other, giving viewers a free display of exotic cars, classic cars, cackle cars, hot rods, vintage motorcycles and more. Many thousands were in attendance and the competition to be recognized as the best car was stiff, but a few were lucky enough to win a trophy in one of the various categories. All were winners, though, when it’s the camaraderie that counts!
Car Show
The winners, in most cases, were a close call as is the case when “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The judges pretty much got it right, though.

The growing number of first-time entrants and word from the owners was that this was the best car show ever!

We spoke to owner Joe Sposato, whose 2015 Ferrari Aperta was a rare gem carved out in Independence Day red. Owning one of 499 Ferrari Apertas made, Sposato was extremely well versed in the mechanics of the car, yet gave all the credit to his wife.

“It’s her car,” he said.

He’s a down-to-earth guy and a super enthusiast with three Ferraris at home.

And then there was Dave Zink with his “Shut ‘Em Down” ’67 goat (GTO). Not shy in front of a camera, Zink told us how most cars in this show rarely see the light of day. He called them “Garage Queens.” He said, “Mine is a driver’s car. You have to find a fine balance and hit the open road sometimes with the pedal to the metal.” He had a lot of lookers at his all-original black with red pin stripes GTO.
Tubbs and Jack
We had the chance to speak with “Jack’s Favorite Hot Rod” trophy winner Danny Tubbs on his ‘57 Chevy sponsored by the Montrose Barber Shop. Tubbs told his family that when he was 57 he would own a ‘57 Chevy, and that he did!

All in all it was another wonderful day in Montrose. Huge thanks to the MSPA and all the organizers who made it happen. Join us for shopping and dining in the heart of Glendale’s Historic Old Town any day of the week, and for the Harvest Market every Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This Sunday, the Harvest Market features fresh-packed pickles, jumbo and icebox watermelons, and a shopper’s favorite: white and yellow peaches. Ponies, petting zoo, face painting, and free balloons too for the children from our Montrose merchants.

Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors
Montrose Shopping Park Board of Directors