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Get Ready for the 12th Annual Hot Rod & Classic Car Show!

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Have you ever heard the sound of seven vintage drag racers “cackling”? This is what racers call it when they rev up their engines. It is absolutely loud and incredibly thrilling. Last year I was able to capture the sound on video and will be sharing it on our Montrose Shopping Park Facebook page to entice you to not miss out this year. The “cacklefest” is a highlight of the car show and takes place at 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. at Honolulu Avenue and Wickham Way. It will be emceed by none other than Dave McClelland who is known as the voice of the N.H.R.A. (National Hot Rod Association) and a Glendale resident for the last 40 years. Dave is on the board of directors for the NHRA Museum in Pomona and was awarded the Robert E. Peterson 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award for journalism.

The 2013 car show looks to be our best yet! Dave Maher, Tom Russell and Don Tubbs are filling all three blocks of Honolulu Avenue with over 200 hot rods, classic cars and exotics like Packard, Rolls-Royce, Lincoln, Porsche, Cobra, Corvette, T-Bird, Model-A Ford, Lamborghini, Maserati and more. We will have some very famous old dragsters like Bill Pitts (the Magic Car) and Pete Eastwood (Ed Pink’s Old Master). As usual, this is an “invitation only” event and it is beyond full.

See the long white car pictured at the top of our poster? It’s none other than the Kent Fuller Bonneville Streamliner that is creating quite a media frenzy in the racing world. This car is 25 feet long and only 2½ feet wide! The builders are looking to break the speed record this year. The driver actually pilots the car lying down on his back and using mirrors! Our own Don Tubbs is the team’s technical director and very instrumental is bringing this highly sought after car to Montrose. You will also get to meet some of the Fuller family. Be one of the first ever to see this car in person!

Admission to the car show is free and the Montrose Shopping Park merchants are generously chipping in with some great perks. We will all be treated to live street music. To entice the shoppers and diners in the crowd, we will be offering some gifts with purchase that the MSPA marketing committee had specially designed for this event. I’ll be writing more about these next week. There will also be a merchant’s sidewalk sale.

This year’s show will be held on Saturday, June 29 from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Check out our website www.shopmontrose.com and like our Facebook page, Montrose Shopping Park, for all the latest updates and links to share with your friends. It’s going to be a very memorable day!

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Mary Dawson promotes the Montrose Shopping Park. She and her family own Mountain Rose Gifts and Revelation Tops.
Mary Dawson promotes the Montrose Shopping Park. She and her family own Mountain Rose Gifts and Revelation Tops.

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