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City Hall Coffee Shop a.k.a Pleasantville

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Mary Dawson

Can you believe Wanda Bergstrom and Young Rhee have worked together 33 years at City Hall Coffee Shop and never exchanged a harsh word? I know this is a strange way to start an article but it sets the tone for the pleasant atmosphere that permeates City Hall (2327 Honolulu). This is old time Montrose comfort at its best and there is nothing else like it. Do you want to step back to a gentler time? A walk through these doors and you are back in the 60s. Yes, CH was founded in 1961, 49 years ago. Beloved waitress Wanda Bergstrom has been there 41 of them, graciously and cheerfully serving all of us neighbors and friends. What a blessing to have a woman like this in our midst! And Wanda loves Young Rhee, her friend and owner of City Hall. Throw in “newcomer”, six years here, Tammie Duffield and you have an irresistible draw. Tammie is as sweet as she is pretty and she knows how to move and groove with the morning pace at “the Hall.” It’s fun to sit and enjoy your breakfast with these two in the background doing what they do so well.
Now for the great food, CH is open every day from 6 a.m. – 3 p.m. for breakfast and lunch. My favorite breakfast is the “Dave’s Breakfast,” a waffle, eggs and sausage. Another popular one is “Wanda’s Breakfast,” named after you know who. It’s an omelet with spinach, Ortega chili and cheese. Then there are the comfort food lunches. Every day there are specials. Monday is hot turkey sandwich day, Tuesday teriyaki, Wednesday spaghetti and meat sauce, Thursday Mexican, and Friday meatloaf. Makes you want to go daily doesn’t it?
Here’s an insider tip. Among all the things we are so familiar with there is something on the menu that stands out. It’s called Bul gogi, pronounced bull go gee. This is original Korean barbeque made from marinated rib eye and it is absolutely delicious. It is offered throughout the day but what a treat instead of bacon at breakfast. A MUST try.
If you look around the room at City Hall you will see the walls are filled with banners. This started 30 years ago when Wanda put up the first Dodgers banner. Since then customers from all over have been adding them. There are close to 300 now. You will also see a wall of mugs. Each one belongs to a “regular” and is there waiting for them. So do stop in to City Hall for breakfast and lunch. Greet the girls and tell them how good they look in their Crescenta Valley Weekly pic. Don’t forget June 5 and 6 is our BIG Arts & Crafts Festival. Every booth will be full of goodies, time to shop ‘til we drop in Montrose.

Mary Dawson owns Revelation Tops with her sister Carole, and serves as vice president of the Montrose Shopping Park

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