Al’s Italian-American Deli… Only in Montrose

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Mary Dawson

Do you realize how many business owners and staff there are in the Montrose Shopping Park that have been here 20 years and longer? The answer is quite a few. This is so unusual in today’s world and in a place like Southern California where everything seems to be always new and changing. It’s part of what makes little Montrose the safe haven, “Mayberry” town it is. These people were here before the internet, cell phones, and fax machines. They understand the simplicity of pleasing their customers and doing what they love. Such describes Al’s Deli owner Greg Tomassian and his sister Rose. They are sweet, kind, gentle people, quietly and respectfully doing what they have done since 1986.
If you have never tried Al’s Deli (2332 Honolulu Ave. [818] 249-3031) please allow me to introduce them to you. Al’s is not a chain, they have their own unique specialties. The #1 reason to go to Al’s is for one of the best sandwiches on the planet. It’s called The Super Combo #1. First a 10-inch fresh sub roll is toasted. It is then layered with five gourmet Italian cold cuts: salami, capicola, mortadella, pepperoni, and provolone cheese. It is completed with tomato, pickles, pepperocini, onion, mustard, mayo, and Italian dressing. It is then expertly wrapped by the owner himself in crisp white paper. All this for $6.95.
Once you get this bundle of joy in your hands it is a matter of how fast you can get to your destination so you can unwrap it and dig in. When you finally bite into it all those special flavors literally sing together.
It’s perfection.
Reason #2 is the meatball sub made with homemade meatballs and homemade marinara. Need I say more? I will give you one more big reason to visit Al’s. It’s the freezers. They are stocked with all Al’s homemade goodies like trays of lasagna, all the various marinara sauces, fresh pizza dough, and pizzas. If you are single or a Mom on the go let Al’s do the cooking. Everything is all nicely packaged and waiting for you to run in, pick up, and take home.
If you have special events coming up Al’s can do six foot subs and large trays of lasagna for you. And I almost forgot there is a weekly special of $1 off the sub of the week.
Al’s is open Monday – Saturday 9-6. Greg and Rose are there everyday. Do stop in
and treat yourself!

Mary Dawson
owns Revelation Tops
with her sister Carole,
and serves as
vice president of the
Montrose Shopping Park

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