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Our Very Own “Small Business of the Year” Award Winner!

This May 25th is a special day for the Montrose Shopping Park as our own Once Upon A Time, the nation’s oldest children’s bookstore, will receive the Small Business of the

Year award to be presented in Sacramento by Sen. Carol Liu.

This honor is a big deal for our community. It’s no small feat to be this successful as

Once Upon A Time was also the recent winner of the 2015 Women’s National Book

Association’s Pannell Award for best children’s bookstore.

Once Upon A Time originated back in the 1960s, but was almost out of business from an impending retirement and closure in 2003. Thanks to the Palacios family and the inspiration of a letter written by their 9-year-old daughter Jessica pleading to keep the bookstore open, they decided to take over the business.
Once Upon A Time 2
Known for its charming atmosphere and quality selections, the store survives as a true testament to small business success. They know what people want, serve with a smile and are said to be more than helpful to their visitors. Known for their charitable acts and how closely they work with our educational institutions is the very reason for their recognition.

Thank you, Sen. Liu, for representing nearly one million constituents in this Senate District 25 and honoring the Palacios family for their hard work and dedication in preserving such a national treasure.
Maureen & The Girls 2
This week at the Sunday Harvest Market, the Honolulu Avenue Strummers will be entertaining our shoppers with the sounds of ukuleles; featured produce this week includes fennel, sugar snap peas, golden beets; Pomelo grapefruit, and mulberries. And of course pony rides, petting zoo, and more for the little ones.

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