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When you think Tender Treasures, think natural fibers. The two go together. Long before the “green” movement Tender Treasures (2280 Honolulu) was there in their concept. TT has been in business since 1982. It is the brainchild of owner Gerry Puhara. Gerry is fun, creative, and full of adventure. She always has a smile on her face. Our little town has been blessed to have her a part of it since 1991. Gerry is a smart woman and a pro at what she does. She started out as a wardrobe stylist and costumer in the motion picture industry. She worked on shows like LaVerne and Shirley, Annie, Rich and Famous, The Right Stuff, and even on the Jane Fonda Workout videos. Having a baby changed her priorities. She wanted to work where she could be around other moms. She opened her first store with a partner selling 100% cotton clothing for children. One thing led to another and before long she came to Montrose.
Today Tender Treasures is 50% children’s and 50% women’s clothing. The emphasis is on organic, natural fibers. TT is known for carrying the Flax line of women’s clothing. Flax is 100% linen rayon – comfy, cool, artsy. And boy, does it have a following. The number one  item that they sell over and over again are the flood pants. They are an easy, trendy, pull on pant that hits somewhere around the ankles. They come in a variety of colors and sell for $61.50. You can see them right now by going to the TT state of the art website Just click on the “Fundamentally Flax” tab and there you are. A great top to pair with the floods is the tunic tee. Buy this outfit, throw on a pair of comfy shoes from Walk This Way, head to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and you are a “Montrose Woman.” Yes, we do have our own SoCal niche don’t we?
Tender Treasures is open Tuesday – Saturday from 10-6.  They are on Facebook and Twitter.
Now a funny story about the photo here. Gerry wanted her dog Carmen to be in the pic and you know how dogs are when it comes to having their picture taken. They look everywhere except where you want them to look and then they just don’t keep still. To get this shot, with sweet little Carmen looking right at you, I had to bark while I was taking the pic. Imagine that scene and you will know why Gerry is laughing. I even surprised myself. One week it’s Hugh Laurie, the next week it’s barking at dogs. All in a day’s work I guess, but I hope that’s what makes this column fun for all of us. So girls, when you head to Tender Treasures go up to the counter and bark. It will be our “secret password” that you heard about them in the Crescenta Valley Weekly.

Mary Dawson owns Revelation Tops with her sister Carole,
and serves as vice president of the
Montrose Shopping Park

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  1. I just love reading this column, and finding out the details of the Merchants in Montrose! Great Job and Congratulations to Gerry!

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