Foothill Car Wash Goes Green

In its efforts to protect the environment, Foothill Car Wash, Lube Oil & Detail Center has recently installed a massive solar system. The system is expected to generate 60% of electricity used by the car wash and may even feed some power back to the grid when the business is closed or slow. This solar system will have an emissions savings effect equivalent to planting 50.9 acres of trees annually.

This solar system will complement the reclamation system already in use in which 98% of the wash water is reclaimed. This results in a net fresh water usage of less than 20 gallons of fresh water per vehicle – less than the average family of four uses flushing toilets every day! The car wash also sends out for re-refining all its waste oil so it will be processed into high quality lubricants rather than the traditional re-purposing of it into asphalt and shipping fuel. This keeps revenues in the state, decreases the risk of oil spills, and decreases dependency on foreign oil.

Finally, in an effort to help families recycle, Foothill Car Wash now accepts glass, cardboard and aluminum, household and automotive batteries, used engine fluids and filters and ink and toner cartridges. Though they don’t compensate for these, they offer a convenient place to safely dispose of recyclables.

Foothill Car Wash Lube, Oil & Detail Center, is a 35-year-old family owned and operated business located on Foothill Boulevard and Briggs Avenue.

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