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The Montrose Shopping Park Board Welcomes the City of Glendale!

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Mary Dawson

Did you know that the Montrose Shopping Park is one of the oldest B.I.D.’s (Business Improvement Districts) in the state? The MSPA (Montrose Shopping Park Association) comprises close to 200 businesses that are run by the MSPA board who contracts with the City of Glendale. The elected board is made up of local business owners who volunteer their time because they have a heart for Montrose and for keeping it the special place it is. We meet once a month at 8:00 a.m. to conduct our business meeting.

At our last meeting we were happy to welcome Hassan Haghani, director of Community Development, and the heads of all the departments that report to him.

Hassan is an amazing man and the City of Glendale is truly blessed to have a man of his caliber. He is humble and likeable while being smart, diligent and very well spoken. He was joined by Asst. Director of Community Dev. Tim Foy, Senior Analyst and city liaison to the MSPA Jackie Bartlow. We are glad to have Jackie present at all of our meetings.

Meet (from left) Tim Foy, Jackie Bartlow, Sam Engel, Zizette Mullins, Hassan Haghani, John Brownell, Stepanie Reich, April Fitzpatrick, Alyce Russell (president MSPA), Jeff Hamilton, Mary Dawson (V.P. MSPA), Danny Pranata (secretary MSPA) and Dale Dawson (executive director MSPA).

Sam Engel, the director of Neighborhood Services, was there. It was great to meet him and learn more about how his department works. Neighborhood Services has the “fun” job of making sure businesses comply with City ordinances among many other things.

We also met Senior Neighborhood Services Supervisor John Brownell, Senior Urban Planning Designer Stephanie Reich, Senior Executive Analyst Public Works April Fitzpatrick, Community Relations Coordinator Zizette Mullins, Senior Planner Jeff Hamilton and Neighborhood Services Inspector and photographer of this pic Dave Stimson. (Thanks Dave!)

We appreciate all of these people who partner with us for the good of Montrose. Particular thanks goes to Councilman John Drayman, our Montrose hero, who has done so much for the town and our relationship with the city. John Drayman is running for reelection and voting takes place April 5.

I hope you enjoyed this article and the chance to peek behind the scenes at the inner workings of the Montrose Shopping Park. Thank you for reading and supporting all of our small, one of a kind stores, cafes, and salons.

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