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Your Hometown Country Fair

We’re deep into planning this year’s Hometown Country Fair. This will be the Chamber’s 12th year of putting on the festival dedicated to the people, places and things of La Crescenta. It will take place on Saturday, April 29 at beautiful Crescenta Valley Park.

We’ll have booths with wares made by local artisans, exhibits by local non-profits, products sold by local businesses and activities led by local organizations.  And that’s just the vendor area.

We’ll have food, all kinds of food. We’ll have entertainment by school groups, local musicians, dance academies and more. We’ll have vintage cars to drool over.  We’ll have carnival rides, inflatables and a multi-person bungee jumper. We’ll have sights that you can only see at a fair – robots, animals, a parade of dogs, a pie eating contest and more.

Still, this is your hometown, which makes it your Hometown Country Fair. We’d like to know what you’d like to see at the fair. Sack races? Bubble gum chewing contests? Educational exhibits? We are open to hearing your ideas. Would you like to see more arts & crafts? Midway games? Silly contests? We want to know how we can improve your fair-going experience. Thousands attend the free festival, but if you’ve never been, what would make you and your family come to the event? Is there anything that keeps you away?

Drop us a line at info@crescentavalleychamber.org.  I’ll share your suggestions with the committee as we continue with our planning. If you would like to participate in the fair as a vendor or perhaps as a volunteer, send me an email at the same address for more information.

And now for the Smart-a-thon questions of the week (answers below):

If you’re facing a stampede of 20 elephants, 13 giraffes and 11 kangaroos, how many legs are running at you?
a.     88
b.    124
c.    154
d.    184

In a healthy adult, which of these is the heaviest organ?
a.    Brain
b.    Skin
c.    Liver
d.    Heart
e.    Kidneys

Donald Duck is an only child.
a.    True
b.    False
You are Jimmy Fallon’s doppelganger. What are you?
a.    Cousin from New Jersey
b.    Look-alike but not a twin
c.    Friend from Germany
d.    Pet dog
e.    Life coach

If you answered C, B, B and B to the above, you are a perfect candidate for the Smart-a-thon. In fact you should dub yourself team captain! You were correct on the four samples from last year’s test. Let’s see how you do on March 15 at the 2017 Smart-a-thon at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital. Come on your own or bring a team of four. Your $40 entry fee gets you lunch, a chance to bid on some of the best silent auction items in town, an opportunity to win money for your charitable organization, and the good feeling of knowing you’re supporting local educational grants.

Call or email the Chamber office for more information.

And have a great weekend!

Lisa Dupuy, executive director  CV Chamber of Commerce 3131 Foothill Blvd. ‘D’ La Crescenta, CA 91214 (818) 248-4957

Lisa Dupuy, executive director
CV Chamber of Commerce
3131 Foothill Blvd. ‘D’
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 248-4957

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