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World Class Pastry Experience at La Fleur!


Why did it take me so long to come here? After a whirlwind Christmas season followed by buying trips it took a customer coming into my shop raving about La Fleur Pastry to move it to the top of my “must try soon” list. So on a whim, my sister Carole and I decided to get to Montrose early on a recent Saturday and check out La Fleur. I had never been inside this shop, which years ago was my friend Wendy Howard’s first store, the original Country Classics. It felt good from the minute we walked in, with a case full of beautifully designed pastries and French-inspired music softly playing. I dare you to try and practice self control at this counter. We wanted everything but settled on four pastries to share along with their famous coffee that people are writing about on Yelp. We were then invited to have a seat and relax (I like that word!) and they would bring our selections to the table.


What a happy sight to have Jasmin graciously bring a tray of fresh brewed German coffee in floral china cups. Our pastries, each a work of art, were arranged on a cake stand and set before us. A beauteous sight to behold! One bite and sip and we were hooked! I couldn’t wait to find out more about this place. Meet pastry chef/owner Damon Wallace with his lovely wife Lina, top left, and partner Sevada Markosyan and wife Jasmin. Did you know we now have a world-class pastry chef in Montrose! Yes! Damon trained with an Austrian pastry chef, began his craft right out of school, becoming the executive pastry chef at the MGM Grand (largest hotel in the world!) in Las Vegas. He then spent 18 years abroad in Egypt, Oman and Dubai, working for places like the Ritz Carlton. He met Lina, who is from Germany, in Egypt where her family was on vacation. When visiting Lina’s cousin in Glendale they fell in love with Montrose. Damon’s dream was to live and work in a small town and aren’t we the lucky ones! You can enjoy the La Fleur Pastry experience and meet these fine folks at 2420 Honolulu Ave., across the street from Grayson’s Tune Town. They also do exquisite cakes and catering all in such good taste! I can’t wait to go back and eventually try everything!


Mary Dawson
Mary Dawson
Montrose Shopping Park Association
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