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More Tips on Making a Lasting Impression

“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.” ~ Steve Jobs

Julia Rabago is the executive  director of Crescenta Valley  Chamber of Commerce.

Julia Rabago is the executive
director of Crescenta Valley
Chamber of Commerce.

In last week’s article, we introduced you to different ideas in the world of networking! Now take a look at the five tips Amanda Haddaway offers on how to make yourself memorable (in a positive way) when meeting people face-to-face: 1) Be distinctive. A brightly colored tie, an unusual necklace or other jewelry, even impeccable grooming can all help you stand out in a good way. It’s not that you want to be remembered and identified for that, but anything that helps people separate you from the crowd helps them remember the rest of you. You don’t have to be outlandish – just don’t blend in completely with the crowd. 2) Be fully present. Be fully engaged and fully aware of the people you interact with. You can break this down into smaller, somewhat mechanical pieces – listen well, respond promptly, maintain eye contact, etc. Many people only seem to be “half there,” so being fully engaged helps you stand out. 3) Ask thought-provoking questions. Networking expert Bob Burg suggested some good questions in his book “Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales,” such as “How did you get started?” or “What do you enjoy most about what you do?” As Dale Carnegie suggested, you must “take a genuine interest in other people.” 4) Reinforce your keywords. People aren’t going to remember long descriptions of what you do, or likely even that 15-second intro that many experts teach you to make. People will at best remember a few key things about you: your name, your company name, your business/industry (in three words or less), your product, your location. 5) Contribute to the group conversation. Don’t hog it, and don’t say just anything in order to say something publicly, but saying one really smart thing at your table or in front of the whole group will make you much more memorable than half an hour of semi-conscious small talk. Create value for others and you create value for yourself. The impression that you make on people is the impression they will have of your business, so make it good and make it memorable.

With the help of these five tips, you and your company will be the best networker at the party! Maybe even at our next mixer, Bob Smith Toyota, pre-smart mixer from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 3333 Foothill Blvd. in La Crescenta.

The Hometown Country Fair is coming to town! We have put together plans for an exciting fair taking place on April 6. Do you have something to promote or sell?  We welcome vendors, profit and non-profit. Have a hot rod or collectible car? Display it at the car show. Need service hours? We are looking for volunteers to help during the fair. Please call for information about how you can be involved with the upcoming fair.  Our fair is the ultimate family friendly event. We hope you mark your calendars for April 6 and join this community wide-event.

Important CV Chamber dates: March 13 – Business mixer at Bob Smith Toyota; April 6 – Hometown Country Fair.

Please contact our office for more details on any event. How to reach us: (818) 248-4957/ / / 3131 Foothill Blvd., Ste. D.

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