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Julia Rabago is the executive  director of Crescenta Valley  Chamber of Commerce.
Julia Rabago is the executive director of Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce.

Loving Our CV Kids

“I believe the children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way.  Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier.” “Greatest Love Of All” sung by Whitney Houston

Our children are our future. There is no better investment one can make than in our children. We lost a child this week. Our prayers for strength and peace go out to this child’s family and the families impacted by this tragedy. Did you hug your own children a little harder this week?

I have never been able to find the ultimate rule book on how to raise children; however I can bet hugging them a little every day might be in there. Parents can easily know how to take care of children’s physical needs including nutritious food, warm clothes and plenty of sleep. However, meeting children’s emotional needs is much harder.

Mental Health America, at www.nmha.org/go/information/get-info/children-s-mental-health/what-every-child-needs-for-good-mental-health, states that, “Good mental health allows children to think clearly, develop socially and learn new skills.  Additionally, good friends and encouraging words from adults are all important for helping children develop self-confidence, high self-esteem, and a healthy emotional outlook on life.”  The website says these are the basics for a child’s good mental health:

• Unconditional love from family

• Self-confidence and high self-esteem

• The opportunity to play with other children

• Encouraging teachers and supportive caretakers

• Safe and secure surroundings

• Appropriate guidance and discipline

Last week, I quoted Leonardo Da Vinci who said, “Realize that everything connects to everything else.” We are all connected, especially in the Crescenta Valley. Let’s all work together to make this town the best it can be and invest in our children and the children of our neighbors. Take time this week to say encouraging words to a child. Teach children a new skill. Take your child and a group of their friends somewhere special (with their parents’ permission, of course). Thank your child’s teachers. Donate food to somewhere there are hungry children, i.e., The Fire House. Volunteer to tutor a child with low grades. Buy a gift card from a supermarket for the Ferraro family (you can drop off at the chamber and we will make sure it gets to them). Fulfill something on your child’s school’s wish list. Tell children you care.

Important dates: March 1 – Sponsorship deadline for Hometown Country Fair; March 7 – Business mixer at Bob Smith Toyota; March 18 – Day at the Races; March 28 : Smart-a-Thon; April 21 – HomeTown Country Fair.

Please contact our office for more details on any event. How to reach us: (818) 248-4957/ crescentachamber@aol.com / www.LaCrescenta.org / 3131 Foothill Blvd., Ste.  D.