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Montrose …Your Valentine Place

Check out the gourmet Valentine card selection at Once Upon A Time!
Check out the gourmet Valentine card selection at Once Upon A Time!

How blessed we are to live in the beautiful mountains of sunny Southern California and to have a quaint little town like Montrose where we can get away from it all and relax. I was reminded of this on Saturday as both couples and women visited my store as part of their Saturday “Montrose Therapy.” They came to get the dogs groomed, get their nails done and have breakfast at a sidewalk café. But they did more than that. They carved out time to stop in the candy shop, visit a gift store, check out a boutique, and savor a yogurt, ice cream and coffee. As one busy executive put it, “This is ‘my’ time, where I treat myself.”

That’s what I love about Montrose. I just read in a local newspaper where the president of a company was quoted as saying that streets like Honolulu Avenue are dying and that “everyone” now goes to power centers with theaters and lifestyle stores. Really? A few days later the cover of a prominent fashion wholesale publication was saying just the opposite. The fact is the lifestyle centers are desperately trying to imitate us. They realize that a center full of chain stores that are found everywhere do not make for exciting shopping. They are looking for more “indie,” “mom & pop” and “one of a kind” boutiques to make shopping interesting.

Why? Because these unique “one of a kind” stores offer exceptional service. We each have a niche with merchandise that has been hand selected and uniquely presented. Where else in L.A. is there a store like Faye’s with sweet Valerie who will gladly wrap up that soft pink cotton nightie for your Valentine?

Have you ever seen another “Needle In A Haystack” that has a display of pink and red yarns and Valentine stitch kits to match?

How about the creative Valentine cards and books about love at Once Upon A Time? Where else can u find the oldest children’s bookstore and does such cute themed windows? Did you know this store recently had a Laura Ingalls Wilder event where little girls came wearing bonnets? Where else but in Montrose?

Montrose is a place where stores like The Clothing Market can set up shop and sell sexy, red shirred dresses that they design themselves. Where Andersen’s Pets orders Valentine cookie treats just for dogs. Where Mountain Rose Gifts has great joy displaying a Valentine tea table French style. Where Montrose Candy Co. customizes all manner of heart candy. Where Montrose Bakery puts on a feast for the eyes with their Valentine cupcakes and cookies. Where The T Room does Valentine tea on the patio. Where Patteye’s Closet continually surprises us with vintage bargains.

Are you seeing the picture? They want what we have! There is no place like the Montrose Shopping Park. Enjoy it! Take some time to wander Honolulu Avenue and check out all the shops. Give yourself a Valentine treat!

Mary Dawson serves as vice president for the MSPA board. She and her family own Revelation Tops and Mountain Rose Gifts.