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Welcome Baked!

Baked owners Gena Lora of Le Cordon Bleu (left) and Sharon Kenneally with their custom built German oven.
Baked owners Gena Lora of Le Cordon Bleu (left) and Sharon Kenneally with their custom built German oven.

Calling all pastry and bread fans! You are in for a major treat! We now have an instructor from Le Cordon Bleu, Gena Lora, and her pastry-loving student Sharon Kenneally who have decided to open their bakery right in the heart of the Montrose Shopping Park.

Newly remodeled, just opened, “Baked” has several specialties, one of them being artisan style, naturally leavened breads. They have a custom made oven that was just shipped in from Germany to bake a variety of sour dough and hearth breads. This is a deck oven with a stone base and steam injection that produces a perfect, crispy, chewy crust. Expect to see French baguettes, ciabatta, challah, rye with caraway, caramelized onion & cheese, jalapeño cheddar, and kalamata sundried tomato breads. And that’s not all. These fine breads are going to be used on their gourmet paninis and sandwiches that feature the highest quality meats, house made aiolis and cream cheese spreads.

The pastries and baked goods found here will be superb also. From what I hear there are bakeries out there that used bulk, canned, fruit filling and cheap shortening in their products. You won’t find this at Baked. All of their fillings are homemade and they use butter. Believe me when I say you can taste the difference. I had the pleasure of sampling several of Baked’s offerings and everything was first class. The town has truly lucked out this time. Imagine being able to purchase the best fresh brioche, scones, cinnamon rolls and Danish right here in Montrose!

Another winner are the pies. I’m talking special little hand held pies that are four inches in diameter, perfect for sharing. There are cream pies, savory pies and fruit pies. And then we go onto mini cakes, coconut cupcakes, pineapple upside down cupcakes, and chocolate whoopie pies. Are you excited yet? Another irresistible category is cookies and bars including coconut macaroons, oatmeal cranberry, and many other favorites.

Baked has cute little tables set up for dining and will proudly be serving Peet’s Coffee and Teas. This is splendid news! Baked is located at 3600 Ocean View at the corner of Honolulu and Ocean View. They are right next to Copy Network where Oven Fresh Bakery used to be. We are thankful to have this one of a kind bakery, German oven and all, which fits right in with the uniqueness Montrose is known for. Here are two gifted women bringing us their passion and professional training.

I love it! Don’t you?

Mary Dawson serves as vice president for the MSPA board. She and her family own Revelation Tops and Mountain Rose Gifts.