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See This Polar Bear Exhibit at White’s


White’s Fine Art Gallery (2414 Honolulu Ave.) owner Miguel shares, “While on location in the Arctic, wildlife photographer Greg Cook spotted a polar bear taking shelter from a bone-chilling wind. Greg, on a boat and on high alert, closely watched the bear. It wasn’t long before the bear spotted Greg and, with intense curiosity, got up and started to walk towards him. Suddenly the bear stood up for approximately six-seconds. Within that fleeting moment, Greg acquired focus, composed and captured the shot.”

According to Greg, “It’s an adrenalin rush when it happens and absolutely thrilling when you confirm that you got the shot.”

Greg is passionate about wildlife photography and White’s is passionate about showing it! Now you can experience Greg’s work when you stop by White’s Fine Art Gallery, a “one-of-a-kind” gallery in the Montrose Shopping Park.

Kids Love Bubble Cuts!


Oh, what a happy and unique place Bubble Cuts (2315 Honolulu Ave.) is for the kids! Imagine taking Junior for his first haircut where he can sit in a little car built just for him. With a Cali-inspired vintage feel and colorful walls, this place screams happy! There’s even a play area and each child gets a balloon and a lollipop when their cut is complete. That’s not all! Take your receipt the same day next door to It Takes A Village Kids and you’ll get 10% off your entire purchase!

Remembering Pugsley


Not many people make worldwide news when they pass away like our friend Ken Weatherwax did. Ken was the original Pugsley in The Addam’s Family TV show and he enjoyed the Montrose Shopping Park. His memorial was conducted by MSPA’s Dale Dawson. Amazing the things you find out reading this column! Watch for pics on our Facebook page and a link to the untold story of Ken’s life. Thanks for reading and shopping Montrose!

Mary Dawson
Mary Dawson
Montrose Shopping Park Association
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