Pattyes Closet, Ringing in the New Year with Vintage

Mary Dawson

Without a doubt Pattyes Closet (2422 Honolulu Ave.) is one of the stores that helps define the Montrose Shopping Park as being the “one of a kind” place it is. Where else in town can you just pop in on a given afternoon and find an actress getting ready for her upcoming photo shoots with five major studios? This is how I met Alexandra Smothers, pictured here. Look at her! She has such a strong resemblance to Marilyn Monroe and is Pattyes Closet come to life! Don’t you just know if she were breezing past you on Honolulu Avenue you would do a double take? Now for those who don’t know, Pattyes Closet is a vintage store. They sell clothes, jewelry and trinkets from all eras, starting from the 1800s. Their most popular eras are the 20s thru the 80s. As a matter of fact, if you check out their website,, you will see a 1970s vintage Gunne Sax dress that will just take you back. I know. I was a teen in the 70s when Gunne Sax was all the rage.

Actress Alexandra Smothers shopping for her photo shoots at Pattyes Closet.

Pattyes Closet is the vision of owner Renee Davila and has been open since 1996. They buy, sell, and trade here and jewelry is the number one commodity followed by vintage dresses. This is a place you can “get lost in” as you find one delightful surprise after another. And the prices are so reasonable that it’s hard to walk away without treating yourself. Such shopping fun!

Now back to the actress thing.

Did you know that lots of studio stylists shop Pattyes Closet? Think stylists for the likes of Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. Actresses themselves also shop P.C. When filming in town, Sandra Bullock made it a point to stop by, Rosanna Arquette has bought rings, and the list goes on. Yes, Pattyes Closet has lots of fans out there of all ages, including the teens who are really into vintage. As a matter of fact, Dale and I went to City Hall last month on behalf of the MSPA.  Montrose Christmas Shopping Guides were handed out to City Council. As they flipped through them Councilwoman Laura Friedman spoke on record. There was a big ad for Pattyes Closet in there and now everybody would find out about her secret, favorite vintage store. Oops! Guess the secret is out now.

I hope this article has inspired you to check out this treasure trove of a store, one of the best for “Montrose Shopping Therapy”. For more fun pics of Pattyes Closet see our blog at Happy New Year! Make a resolution to shop small stores this year!