Foothills Come Alive This Holiday Season

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Paraiso Avenue WEB 1222
Residents of the Crescenta Valley embrace the holidays and Christmas is truly the time to shine for some of these homeowners who go all out to decorate their home. Their efforts are not enjoyed just by them and their neighbors, but in many cases their embellished abode becomes a destination where folks can go to revel in holiday cheer.

The owner of the Fisher home at 4422 New York Ave. said that he enjoys seeing cars slow down or even stop to admire his home. So enthusiastic is homeowner Craig Fisher that he has even decorated his truck with lights that work, brightening not only the streets on which he travels, but also the mood of those he passes.

For the past five years, Matthew Anderson at 3785 Cloud Ave., just below Honolulu Avenue, dedicates hours to create a whimsical home that has dancing candy canes and Christmas trees that keep time to favorite holiday tunes. Folks can stop by from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. daily until the Jan. 1.
Richards Home WEB 1222
The Richards home at 3500 Santa Carlotta is another favorite destination. Son Will has designed a display where music that is choreographed with the Christmas lights creates a home that is both visually and audiologically appealing.

One of the grandest homes of all, however, is not a single home but a block of them.

The 3000 block of Paraiso Avenue, about a mile north of Foothill Boulevard off Ramsdell, is ablaze with color and light every night now through Jan. 1. Each year, several residents work together to create a wonderland that celebrates the season that is complete with a star perched high above one of the rooftops. Some nights Santa can even be found seated outside, ready to hear the wish lists of neighborhood children.

Most of the displays continue through Jan. 1 and do not charge for viewing.

Anderson home WEB 1222

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  1. Craig Fisher says:

    Thanks Robin for the story on my house and the Christmas Lights. I found it amusing that we had a steady stream of cars on Thursday and most of my display had been taken down because of the high winds. So anyone who stopped by that day…please come by again.
    Craig Fisher

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