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Ask Phyllis!

Will My Sagebrush Home Increase in Value?

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Dear Phyllis,
   I look forward to your column and I have a completely different question for you. We have been wanting to sell our home located in the Sagebrush neighborhood for several years.  We were ready to put it on the market, but then we had the Station Fire.  We have been waiting for the area to recover and then thought to wait for the k-rails to be removed.  But now with recent discussions about being incorporated into the La Canada school district it appears that maybe we should wait until that occurs.  How much do you think our values will increase if this happens?    Feeling Trapped

Dear Feeling Trapped,
Don’t feel too trapped, it’s seems that it will be financially worth your wait.  The homes in La Canada’s Sagebrush neighborhood (West of Rosebank) are part of Glendale Unified and as such sell for less than their La Canada neighbors in the highly ranked La Canada school district.  Perhaps 15% – 20% less.   Over the past two decades any talk of incorporating these residences in the school district was often met with disapproval.  Many La Canada LCUSD homeowners didn’t want to give something away that they struggled to afford.

Fast forward to 2013 – the school district needs money and it appears that La Canada may be getting close to uniting as one district. In June, the city council passed a resolution supporting the transfer.  It’s expected this proposal will be on the March 2014 ballot.

If approved this will obviously be quite a windfall to homeowners such as you who live in this Sagebrush section of La Canada.   It’s also great news for those hoping to buy a home in the La Canada school district as there will be more to choose from.  Personally I love the mid-century feel of most of the homes in this area as do many home buyers.

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