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Montrose Travel celebrates 3rd Annual Snowpalooza

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Montrose Travel, a $115 million full-service travel and host agency, celebrated its third annual “Snowpalooza” event at the Montrose Travel-owned 2349 Honolulu Ave. parking lot on Oct. 29.

Montrose Travel’s president Joe McClure first envisioned this event in 2008. Back by popular demand, Montrose Travel’s Snowpalooza welcomed an early taste of winter and brought snow to Southern California again this year.

This family-owned company knows the importance of a strong work ethic but also recognizes the importance of family value and balance. Montrose Travel’s Snowpalooza is a way for the company to give back to its employees with a celebration that brings everyone together and embodies the family atmosphere that Montrose Travel stands for.

Beginning at 6 p.m. guests were treated to music, food and fun, but the real sight to see was the enormous mound of snow. This year, 30 tons of snow was blown in creating a 12-foot mound – held steady by stacked bales of hay. The man-made bunny slope was nestled quaintly in the parking lot between Montrose Travel’s corporate and leisure buildings. Surrounding the slope were tables and chairs and an amazing spread of food and refreshments, complete with two fire pits for the 250 attendees.

Passersby couldn’t help but stop and stare. As employees and their families began to arrive, adults and children alike swarmed the snow like bees to honey. There were snowball fights and sleds, discs, and inner tubes provided for zipping down the hill. Of course, hot chocolate was steaming to warm up snowbunnies.

Co-workers got a chance to step outside of their professional selves and just be silly. They roasted marshmallows, told funny stories and enjoyed each other’s company without computers or technology – just good old-fashioned fun. People were able to spend time with one another outside of work and include their families in one of the most memorable events of the year.

Montrose Travel continues to provide a healthy environment for their employees, inspiring a balanced work-to-play ratio. “Our employees and home-based agents are considered our family – and families stick together. Every year, we throw several casual parties for our employees for enjoyment’s sake, but this is definitely one of our best,” said president McClure.

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