McAfee Named CEO of USC Medical Foundation

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Thomas McAfee, M.D., dean of clinical affairs at UC San Diego Health Sciences, has been appointed the CEO of the newly forming Keck Medicine of USC Medical Foundation. He begins his new role on Sept. 3.

A key initiative identified as part of the clinical enterprise-wide strategic plan was the development of a community medical foundation, intended to add primary and specialty practices into the Keck Medicine network.

“As CEO of the new foundation, Dr. McAfee will play a key role in developing the health system’s physician alignment strategy,” said Shawn Sheffield, chief strategy and system development officer for Keck Medicine of USC. “A critical function will be to establish the foundation and attract marquee groups and physicians to affiliate with Keck Medicine of USC.”

The foundation model in development will be the Keck Medicine of USC home for acquired physician practices, enabling the enterprise to provide a comprehensive range of health services in a broader geographic footprint. It also will allow Keck Medicine to expand its participation in the managed care environment and service the health needs of USC employees more efficiently.

McAfee will develop and maintain close working relationships with physician groups, local hospitals and other clinical service providers; create an integrated electronic clinical practice environment to facilitate care coordination and streamline referrals; and promote collaboration among physicians within the foundation and with USC clinical faculty. In his role, he also will work closely with Keck Medicine department chairs including the leadership of the USC Verdugo Hills Hospital.

“Physicians in independent practice are increasingly financially tethered to medical centers,” said John Niparko, M.D., president of USC Care Medical Group. “Our current economics and health reform are accelerating this trend.  These partnerships have many working parts, however. With his experience, Dr. McAfee offers insight and flexible thinking in developing well-managed physician foundations. He knows how to build these relationships. His appointment reflects Keck Medicine’s desire to develop new approaches and an exceptional system of healthcare for Southern California.”

McAfee said he is looking forward to joining Keck Medicine of USC and being part of transformative decisions affecting the clinical enterprise.

His duties at Keck Medicine of USC will include leading the development of the medical foundation’s clinical quality agenda, setting standards of care, measuring and improving clinical outcomes, and disseminating best practices. He will chair key physician committees aimed at aligning clinical programs, integrating standards of care, and driving continuous improvement of quality of the Keck Medicine of USC Medical Foundation.

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