Glendale Memorial to Have ‘Epiphany’

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The Glendale Memorial Health Foundation announced the approval of a $375,000 transfer to Glendale Memorial Hospital for the purchase of Epiphany – a hardware and software system that will dramatically improve the hospital’s ability to diagnose, transmit and store critical EKG information.

Epiphany will allow ER physicians to share critical EKG information with cardiologists, who will be able to view the EKGs from any computer or device. In turn, this will increase the speed and accuracy of the patient diagnosis. Additionally, the new system will allow wireless transmission of patient data and orders to the EKG carts, allowing the EKG technicians to see orders immediately without having to return to the department enhancing turnaround time.

The hospital is currently in the process of acquiring and installing Epiphany. The system is anticipated to go live in the fall. It will provide increased communication among physicians and staff.

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