BTAC Benefits from Dilbeck Efforts

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On June 28, the Burbank branch of Dilbeck Real Estate Real Living solicited food donations from their neighbors to help the Burbank Temporary Aid Center. BTAC since 1974 has been providing individuals and families, including the working poor, crime victims, senior citizens and the homeless, with short-term emergency assistance they need to live with dignity.

This year the group brought in more than 50 shopping carts of food and supplies needed during the summer when pantry shelves are critically low. Among those who participated were Connie Hernandez and family, Cynde Bost and family, Daina Burness, Dan Soderstrom, Doyle Barnes and family, Laureen Endoso, Lori Iacobellis, Mariam Mazlumyan, Mary Whittle, Nancy Lee Wintering, Patrick Putman, Paulette Malekian, Stacy Charlton and manager Eric Benz.

“This is one of the best ways to give back to a community that we love, work and live in,” said Benz. “I could not be more proud to be a part of this exceptional office.”

For more information, contact Dilbeck Real Estate Real Living at (818) 843-7100.