Local tectonic artist showing at White’s Gallery

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By Shari EMAMI

David Gilbaugh is a star on the rise. With a former teaching background, he combines his love of helping others with his own artistic talents and brings them both to the community. He teaches art/sculpting at the Community Center in La Cañada on Wednesday evenings for intermediate to advanced sculptors.

Surprisingly, Gilbaugh’s main area of expertise comes from his days of teaching eighth grade science. Much of the work that he does with ceramics is created using the tectonic method, influenced by the same forces that move tectonic plates throughout the earth’s core. His use of paper clay – which is more malleable and pliable than traditional clay – is organic in that it imitates the way the Earth is being formed and shaped.

Unlike the customary fire heating methods that are used to dry traditional clay, paper clay dries on its own. Once the sculpture is dry, Gilbaugh takes his intricate tool pieces and uses them to carve out expressions and various details. In addition to drying very well, paper clay does not need any hollowing out. “The rules change with paper clay,” said Gilbaugh.

While in junior and senior high school and then in community college, Gilbaugh learned the basics of working with clay, but it wasn’t until he was in his 50s that he was able to fully focus on his art, taking ceramics at Glendale Community College.

Having a degree in general education, today Gilbaugh teaches in La Cañada at the community center and has even designed a line of tools for his ceramic students. “What I designed, you can’t find in today’s market,” explained Gilbaugh.

Gilbaugh is currently exhibiting his work at White’s Gallery at 2414 Honolulu Ave., in Montrose. The show, his first ever, continues through July 30.  “The main goal is to introduce myself as an emerging artist and to show people my work,” he said. The gallery is open to the public between 1 p.m and 5 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday; Sunday by appointment.

To learn more about his classes or seminars at the community center visit; beginners are welcome.

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