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How important is a for sale sign when selling your home?

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Dear Phyllis,
My husband and I are getting divorced and will be selling our home next year. I really don’t want to have to explain our situation and don’t want the neighborhood to know that we are moving. I prefer to not have a sign, but my Realtor® insists on one.

How important do you think a for sale sign is?  
Soon to be Ex

Dear Soon,
I am sorry for your situation, but I really don’t think your moving requires any explanation. A simple “It’s personal” should stop further conversation.

Your Realtor® is correct, the for sale sign often plays a significant factor in the marketing of your home. It’s hard to sell a home (or anything) secretly. But it is your home and if achieving the highest possible selling price isn’t critical, forgo the sign. But when your moving van pulls up, your neighbors are going to know you are leaving.

When a home is properly marketed, the neighbors are going to notice a lot of activity. Often after viewing a home, the buyer and their real estate agent remain in the front yard chatting. Then of course there is broker caravan (or tour) day where dozens of Realtors® view new listings.

What about open houses to the public – do you prefer to forgo those as well?

I understand that you are selling your home under difficult circumstances but if you and your real estate agent prepare an aggressive marketing plan you will sell your home sooner, rather than later. Selling your home sooner rather than lingering on the market is going to be less stressful for you and your family.

Last year I listed a home and the sellers did not want a for sale sign. As they could no longer afford the monthly payments, I think they too were embarrassed to be selling. But when a home is for sale it shouldn’t be a secret.

Fortunately, I convinced my clients to allow the sign; the buyer who purchased their home did so because of that sign. These buyers were looking on and off for a single level home without a pool. My listing was a two story pool home. As it didn’t meet their criteria, they never would have considered the home if they found it online or in print. But when they walked their neighborhood at night, they admired the home, called me and purchased it. All due to the sign.

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