Bogust Added to ‘Registry of Remembrance’

NO 1 Bud Bogust(L) & Gerry Collins (R)
On Wednesday evening, June 3 at the 2015-16 installation dinner and meeting of American Legion Post 288, another member of the American Legion’s “Greatest Generation” was recognized. Henry J. “Bud” Bogust was presented with a copy of the posting on the Registry Of Remembrance on the World War II website. The new Legion Post Commander Gerry Collins made the presentation.

As detailed in the posting, Bogust enlisted in the Army Air Corp in December 1944 and trained as a gunner on then-new technology ¬– the remotely controlled gunnery system for the B-29 “Superfortress.” Bogust later transitioned to aerial photography that took him on photo missions throughout North Africa and Europe.  Bogust was honorably discharged in December 1946.

After his military service Bogust became a lawyer and practiced law in the Los Angeles area for over 40 years specializing in aviation, railroads and medical malpractice.  He and his family have lived in La Crescenta for 54 years.