Titanic Events Around Town

Charly Shelton with Sabrina Walentynowicz (also shown below) attended the Titanic Tea at The T Room.
Charly Shelton with Sabrina Walentynowicz (also shown below) attended the Titanic Tea at The T Room.


This year marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. To celebrate, this reporter did three separate things in remembrance.

First, my family and I saw “Titanic” in theaters on April 14 in the afternoon so that we saw the film in real time 100 years to the minute after the sinking.

That night, my friends and I went to Gilligan’s Pub in Montrose to raise a glass in memoriam of those who died on the doomed voyage.

And finally, on Sunday my girlfriend and I got gussied up and went down to The T Room on Honolulu Avenue for a Titanic Tea party.

For $35 per person, guests came down to the local tearoom to join in the revelry, where all were wearing their finest hats, eating delicate finger sandwiches and drinking fine teas. The atmosphere was calm but fun. A hat contest was held with categories such as oldest, most elegant, most whimsical, ugliest, sassiest and most theme-appropriate (most Titanic-y). This reporter, decked out in a bear hat with a top hat (my hat was a bear, and the bear himself was wearing a fancy top hat), won ugliest hat and the prize for this category was a life preserver.

Sabrina Walentynowicz won most Titanic-y for her completely homemade costume, a full Edwardian regalia including riding boots, elegant gown, lacy blouse and matching hat.
Titanic Tea WEB2
After the hat contest, there was a raffle with door prizes such as books about the Titanic, books on tea, Staffordshire teacups and entire tea sets.

The T Room was a perfect venue for the party, not only catering to the Titanic’s large group but concurrently welcoming other parties as well.

All who attended had a memorable experience, stepping back in time for a moment to commemorate the anniversary of the infamous Titanic.

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  1. Chuck Weiss   May 4, 2012 at 9:53 pm

    I recently heard that you were in a background scene on the filming of the Titanic, Charly. I wonder if I met you, as I was the video assist operator during the production of that immense motion picture. And as I’m sure you do, I have a lifetime of stories to tell about those long sixteen months of working right beside Cameron during the making of the epic film.

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