VHH Installs State-of-the-Art Equipment

Verdugo Hills Hospital (VHH) recently unveiled its newest pieces of technology, the GE 64-slice Lightspeed CT scanner and wireless EKG monitoring system from Life Systems International ®. The new devices are faster, more efficient, and reduce the time it takes to perform essential tests.

“This new CT scanner will enable us to make sure that the best diagnostic exam is obtained,” said Ron Ramirez, CT Technologist at VHH. “It’s also much more comfortable for our patients.”

The scanner can make 64 images with one rotation of the x-ray tubes. It also diminishes the dose of radiation a patient receives and decreases the breath-hold time from 12 to 4 seconds.

The new 64-slice scanner replaces an older, 16-slice scanner at VHH.

“This advanced imaging system is another step in our program to ensure that our patients are treated on the most advanced equipment available,” said Scott Cameron, administrative director of Diagnostic Services at VHH.

The wireless EKG monitoring system is fully electronic and allows for the wireless monitoring of patients. By viewing the electrical signals of the heart, doctors will be able to track a patient’s cardiac health.

The new EKG system is primarily used in the hospital’s Cardiac Rehab and Fitness program. The program is designed to improve the overall health and wellness in patients, especially those who have suffered from cardiac issues.

“We feel fortunate and blessed to have this technology,” said Kirstie Basal, a clinical exercise physiologist at VHH. “Now we can track our patients’ health with better accuracy than before.”

For more information about the GE 64-slice Lightspeed CT scanner, contact the VHH Radiology Department at (818) 952-2266. For more information on the wireless EKG system, contact the VHH Cardiac Rehab department at (818) 952-2229.

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