Bingo Helps Cadets to National Competitions


Members of the Crescenta Valley High School JROTC benefited from hearing the word, “Bingo!” on Saturday night when the American Legion Hall hosted a bingo benefit for the cadets.

“SMSgt. Billie Smith and I were blown away by the tremendous turnout for Saturday’s bingo event and the off-the-charts generosity of the entire community,” said Lt. Col. Dave Worley, who mentors the JROTC. “At last count, we cleared over $3,500 from the event, and that doesn’t include the numerous donations I have received directly.”

The funds will be used to support of the cadets’ upcoming trips to Daytona Beach and Washington, D.C.

This is the first time the cadets will compete in the Air Force National JROTC Drill Championship Series taking place in Daytona, Florida and also in the 2016 Air Force JROTC Academic Bowl Championship in Washington, D.C.
“We met our goal and then some. Competing in the Nationals is now a reality for our championship color guard team,” Worley said. He added that he was humbled not only by the community support and generosity but also by the comments made about the cadets.

“There is no doubt that these fine young men and women are highly respected, and equally recognized for their accomplishments and community service, but our AFJROTC students are equally recognized for their continuous professionalism and selfless demeanor,” he said. “To say that they emulate the core values of, ‘Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do’ is an understatement. They have taken these values and made them a part of who they are … that is what the program is all about … positive character traits they will carry with them throughout their lives.”

About 180 people paid a minimum of $10 for 10 games of bingo with prizes beginning at $100. Many also bought tickets for the raffle opportunity drawings, further adding to the cadets’ traveling fund. While Worley singled out specific people who helped with the event including Mike Baldwin, Lynn McGinnis, Lynn Bender and Jean Maluccio, he acknowledged that it was through the effort of many that the evening was so successful.

“Thank you to all is not enough,” he said.
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