Dilbeck Real Estate Real Living Brings Smiles to Children

Dilbeck Real Estate Real Living Brings Smiles to Children
For the last six years, the Studio City Dilbeck Real Estate Real Living office and Anngel Benoun and her REO team have fulfilled the Christmas wishes of foster children from Penny Lane. Penny Lane sends a list with the children’s name, age, gender and the items they hope to get for Christmas. Agents choose a child (or children), purchase the gift, wrap it and bring it to the office for

Penny Lane to pick up. Penny Lane has a Christmas party when Santa personally delivers the gifts to each child. Often times this is the only real gift the child will receive.

The first year Dilbeck participated in the program, there were about 35 children’s names submitted. The list has grown each year, and this season Dilbeck was handed a list of 88 names of children. With such a long list, there was some concern by Dilbeck personnel about how they would manage to fulfill every child’s wish. However, the Studio City agents, along with Benoun’s REO team, opened their hearts and made it happen.

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